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They started the US war against ISIS. Now they have an important message for Trump on abandoning the Kurds

You've heard from politicians. You've heard from pundits. Now it's time you hear from two U.S. military veterans who were among the first to take the fight to ISIS five years ago — and know exactly what an irrevocable mistake the administration of President Donald Trump has made in Syria


Don't let foreign adversaries turn Facebook against us

Vietnam vets are part of the age group that's growing fastest on Facebook and that's most likely to vote, making them an efficient target for our enemies


Here's why the Marine Corps is losing experienced pilots — and what it can do to fix it

If this exodus is not effectively addressed, our ability to fight from the air could be critically compromised in a way that will take decades from which to recover


No, the US military shouldn't lower the enlistment age to 16 so children can fight

There are bad ideas, and then there are bad ideas