Watch Rangers Vs SEALs In Epic Rap Battle Video

The debate in the special operations community rages on as to who is the elite SOCOM element — Navy SEALs or Army Rangers.

We finally reached the point where there was only one way to settle this: epic rap battle.

In a new YouTube video posted by the always funny MBest11x, the debate reaches a new boiling point, with both sides pulling no punches.

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What’s great (and super risky) about this video is it’s all the best things vets say to each other trash talking over beers.

I’ll let you watch for yourself, but my favorite lines are:

“Top-secret missions, you know we never stoppin, walk in the bar yellin ‘Bro, I just killed bin Laden!’”

“I see you on Fox News talkin about danger. What happened to quiet professional? Oh, that’s a Ranger.”

Take a look, but be warned, when the hip-hop and military communities intersect, there’s plenty of salty language and misogyny.

Watch at your own risk:


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