Brian Smyth

Brian Smyth

Contributing Writer

Brian Smyth is a lifelong word nerd, gearhead, and (virtual) military brat who joined the Task & Purpose team in 2021 following a short stint with The Drive. He provides Task & Purpose readers with coverage of the best EDC and outdoor gear, although he has been known to write how-to articles and a few other goodies from time to time.


  • Military brat(ish)
  • Specializes in EDC, outdoor, and shooting gear
  • Certified AR-15 armorer and former first aid and CPR trainer
  • Published with Outdoor Life, The Drive, and other publications


After spending three decades as a next door neighbor to the Air Force Academy and the U.S. Army’s Ivy Division, Brian now acts enough like a native-born military brat to occasionally confuse the real deal despite never having owned a military ID card. He has been shaping words into stories since elementary school and will share nerdy knowledge with anyone who will listen.

Brian specializes in everyday carry, outdoor, and shooting gear ranging from blades, boots, and backpacks to flashlights and first aid equipment to eye and ear pro. After more than two decades fiddling with pocket knives, slinging lead, and chasing majestic Rocky Mountain vistas (or the occasional ski slope or wild ruminant), he has a good sense for what makes for quality gear. In addition to writing hands-on gear reviews, Brian has written articles on topics such as how to build a bug out bag, must know facts about Damascus steel, and .308 Winchester cartridge versus 7.62x51mm.


Brian earned his B.A. in Government from Patrick Henry College and has since earned certifications as an AR-15 armorer and a cyber threat intelligence analyst. At one time, he also was certified as a lifeguard instructor, earning him trainer certifications from the American Red Cross (ARC), American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), and the YMCA of the USA in first aid, CPR/AED/basic life support, and emergency oxygen administration.

Fun Fact/Tip/Anecdote/Favorite Product

As a Texan expatriate, Brian never tires of Tex-Mex, can’t get enough real barbeque (mesquite-smoked brisket), and hates the world for taking Blue Bell away from him. (Who does that?!) He’s also a big fan of good books and movies (great stories, really), history (all of it), rodeo, V8-powered cars and trucks, fighter aircraft, Tony Romo, Cooper Stuff, great music, and a few other odds and ends.

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