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Task & Purpose was founded in 2014 with a mission to inform, engage, entertain, and stand up for active-duty military members, veterans, and their families. The site quickly became one of the most trusted news and investigative journalism sources for the military, with its journalists reporting everywhere from the Pentagon to The White House and beyond.

Our journalists have reported on American veterans being abused in Kuwaiti prisons, the deported veterans being forced to work for Mexican cartels, the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the war in Afghanistan, and drawn national attention to a longstanding legal rule barring service members from suing the government — even in the face of gross negligence, among many noteworthy examples.

Task & Purpose journalists have also garnered important exclusives, such as the first known insider attack in Syria, confirmation of the first Medal of Honor being awarded to an airman since Vietnam, and the practice of private housing companies forcing families into silence in order to have their problems addressed.

Our contributing writers have included Medal of Honor recipients, President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, leading influencers, noted authors, and more than 500 military service members and veterans who have shared their hard-earned knowledge and expertise with the broader community.

Task & Purpose is a part of Recurrent, which includes The War Zone and The Drive. The Task & Purpose brand also includes MilSpouseFest, the leading network for military spouses and families.

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