About Task & Purpose

Task & Purpose was founded in 2014 as a voice for the military community. Today, our mission is to inform, inspire, and entertain service members and veterans as one of the most trusted sources for military news.

Our journalists have reported on the front lines of the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota and the war in Afghanistan. We’ve uncovered American veterans being abused in Kuwaiti prisons, deported veterans being forced to work for Mexican cartels, and drawn national attention to a longstanding legal rule barring service members from suing the government — even in the face of gross negligence.

Task & Purpose journalists have established a tradition of exclusive reporting, such as the first known insider attack in Syria, confirmation of the first Medal of Honor awarded to an airman since Vietnam, and the practice of private housing companies forcing families into silence in order to have their problems addressed.

Our contributors have included Medal of Honor recipients, President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, leading influencers, noted authors, and more than 500 military service members and veterans who have shared their hard-earned knowledge and expertise with the broader military community.

Task & Purpose is a Recurrent Ventures brand, alongside our sister publications The War Zone and We Are The Mighty. The Task & Purpose brand includes MilSpouseFest, the leading network for military spouses and families.

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Editorial Standards

Task & Purpose is an editorially independent news publication, and maintains high standards for all stories published on taskandpurpose.com — our readers deserve nothing less. Decisions about what we cover are determined solely by the editorial team; members of our sales, marketing, investment, ownership, or other teams have no influence over the editorial work we publish.

We adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, the AP Stylebook, and our internal style guide, which may vary from the AP in some instances.

Our editors are responsible for ensuring accurate and objective reporting. Any changes or updates made to a story after publishing (excluding simple spelling and grammar corrections) will be appropriately labeled with a note preceding or following the body of the story, depending on the severity of the correction.

Mistakes occasionally happen, and we take them seriously. If we got something wrong, please send your correction to editor@taskandpurpose.com.

Original reporting is our hallmark, but in instances where we cite outside reporting, we do our best to independently verify that information. Due to the nature of our reporting, which often involves government employees and sensitive national security issues, we may occasionally use anonymous sources. All anonymous sources are vetted and approved by the editor-in-chief as necessary for the story.

Editorial transparency is a priority for Task & Purpose. We occasionally publish sponsored or branded content, which will always be appropriately labeled and separate from our news coverage. We mandate that all conflicts of interest be disclosed within the body of our stories. We rarely participate in press junkets hosted by private companies, but when we do, we’ll disclose if they have paid for any portion of the trip or reporting costs. In instances where we are embedded with the military or other government agencies, we will likely be riding in their vehicles, eating in their dining facilities, and sleeping in their billets. Despite this necessary accommodation — often in the field or in combat zones — our reporters maintain editorial independence.


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