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After summer of protests, National Guard puts troops on standby in run-up to elections
Lawmakers hammer Pentagon over lack of detail on Germany troop cuts
Defense secretary defends Trump amid claims he called America’s war dead ‘losers’
Joint Chiefs chairman foresees no military role in resolving disputed election
The Army wants to remove ‘divisive symbols’ from military bases
Pentagon halts all domestic travel for military amid coronavirus pandemic
US tests ground-launched ballistic missile that was previously banned
Top US general claims Afghanistan peace talks are right around the corner
A Navy carrier strike group just rolled up on Iran’s doorstep
SecDef Esper: US forces in Afghanistan could drop to 8,600 without things falling apart
SecDef Esper says US troops will not enforce a safe zone in Syria
Sec Def wants European allies to help pay for defense projects after funds were diverted for the border wall
US military drone shot down over Yemen
Afghanistan’s security forces lost 42,000 troops in the last year in a crackdown on ‘ghost soldiers’
Trump: the US is working with Pakistan to find a way out of the war in Afghanistan
US says Venezuelan fighter ‘aggressively shadowed’ Navy spy plane
Pentagon to White House: Stop politicizing the military
Navy warships again sail through the Taiwan Strait amid rising trade tensions with China
Pentagon to transfer $1.5 billion to border wall from Afghan forces and other areas
US destroyers sail through disputed South China Sea in yet another message to Beijing
US stops tracking territory controlled in Afghanistan since it was ‘of limited decision-making value’
2 Navy warships sail through strategic Taiwan Strait in message to China
North Korea nuclear, missile activity ‘inconsistent’ with denuclearization, US general says
Shanahan still undecided on which projects will be impacted by border wall funding