The best camping utensils for dining in the great outdoors

Camping utensils aren’t as important as food, but they do come in handy.

Best Overall

Orblue 4-in-1 2-pack

Orblue 4-in-1 2-pack

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Best Budget

Switch Spork 2-Piece

UCO Switch Spork 2-Piece

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Best for Cooking

The Muncher

The Muncher

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Forks date back to about 2400 BC, so humans have been eating with utensils for about 4,600 years, yet, somehow they’re so easy to forget when you’re packing for the field. Listen, if you don’t have a camping utensil, you’re not going to starve. You’re just going to eat with your bare hands, but we’re here to change that. 

Camping utensils aren’t much different from the flatware you have at home, but they are different. They are usually designed to function as a fork, spoon, and knife. Sometimes, they’re contained in a single device while other times, they come in two- or three-piece sets. They’re also typically designed to be easy to pack and carry. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the best camping utensils in a variety of categories. We’ll also reveal things to consider when you’re shopping for a camping utensil and frequently-asked questions.

Best Overall

Orblue 4-in-1

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Best Budget

UCO Switch Spork 2-Piece

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Best for Cooking

The Muncher

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Best Lightweight

Navaris Titanium Camping Cutlery Set

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Best for Eating

Adventure Chef Folding Camp Utensil

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Things to consider before buying a camping utensil


Gear makers provide different quality options for a range of outdoorsmen, because some may depend on their utensils for an extended period of time and in extreme environments, while others just need something. Therefore, you’ll find the utensil part of a camping utensil constructed from materials like stainless steel, aluminum, nylon glass or plastic, and titanium. They result in different price and performance options.  

Stainless steel

Stainless steel utensils are affordable and dependable. While it’s common and most often used to make flatware, it doesn’t always make the best camping utensil. Stainless steel is easy to clean and holds up well against the elements, but it will rust if it’s neglected. It’s also heavier than other options. 


Aluminum camping utensils are some of the lightest and best all-around. They can even hold their own against more expensive materials like titanium, but they first need to be treated and hard-anodized, which strengthens the metal. 

Glass nylon or plastic

Camping utensils made from glass nylon or plastic tend to be budget options. Compared to metal, the materials can be damaged by heat, and they dull and wear faster. 


Most premium camping utensils are constructed from titanium because the material is very lightweight and durable. It also has excellent corrosion resistance. 



Similar to the average Swiss Army knife, a folding style usually includes a knife, fork, and spoon. Minor variations exist with additions such as bottle openers, corkscrews, and can openers, etc. Some have designed their folding style all-in-one utensils to detach making it a practical option.  

One-piece (commonly known as a spork)

A one-piece typically consists of a blade and other functional tools on one end and a spork on the other. The functionality varies between models, but all are designed to mitigate weight and keep all your needs in a single easy-to-use system. 


A multi-piece set has two or more utensils, typically sporting your average flatwares. Some designs feature utensils that detach, fitting in a small container about the size of an Altoids tin.  

Folding multi-piece

Folding multi-piece sets are a hybrid option if you’re looking for the packability and maximum functionality of utensils. They often have a hinged area and come with a case to carry them. Some multi-piece folding sets are built in a few material options ranging from aluminum to steel. A good article to check out that covers a few options of folding multi-piece sets is found here

FAQs about camping utensils

Q: How much does a camping utensil cost?

A: The price for camping utensils ranges from a couple of bucks to about $50. The less expensive options use less durable materials and simple designs, while the premium options are more akin to Swiss Army knives. 

Q: Which is the best style of camping utensils?

A: If paired with a good knife, a single-piece titanium spork with multiple features will complement each other. If going for ease of use, one of the hybrid or multi-piece styles will be your best choice. 

Q: What is the best material for camping utensils?

A: The absolute best camping utensils are made out of titanium. It’s a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant material, but it’s also expensive. The runner-up is hard-anodized aluminum, and the most common is stainless steel.

Final thoughts

We landed firmly with our top picks due to their durability against the elements, dishwasher-safeness, cost, innovation, and ease of use. The Orblue 4-in-1 folding multi-piece camping utensil was a sure winner. For the price, and getting two utensils that detach, it’s hard to beat this camping utensil.  


In selecting the models shown here, we searched the internet for the highest-rated items using Google and Amazon, from reputable companies to industry standards being surpassed by innovation for the end user. Reading through hundreds and thousands of reviews, we selected our items based on multiple factors.

Our factors included weight, style, materials, and pricing. All of our choices, in some way shape or form, were designed to be environmentally conscious. By that, they are attempting to help save the environment by developing utensils that will last for years to cut down on waste. 

Once we had our hands on our picks, we tested them by preparing food and eating with them. The menu we tested was your average campfire delights — grilled meats, vegetables, chili, or soup. This way, we can test out how convenient it is to even use these products. So not only do you get an honest and well-thought-out description of an item, but you also get our opinion on its function.

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