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Monday’s military phrases contest went in a different direction than I expected, but that’s part of the fun of them. Vote for your 1st and 2nd choices either in the comments or by e-mail.

Here are the nominations in the category of “Military Phrases That Should Never Pass Civilian Lips”:

  1. “Did you kill anybody?” (submitted by HunterJaeger)
  2. “Thank you for your service.” (Rubber Ducky)
  3. “Collateral damage” (Kreigsakademie)
  4. “Boot camp” (Darth Osler)
  5. “Long pole in the tent” (Alan Van Saun)
  6. “Frickin’ ” (Daniel Flatley)
  7. “Klicks” for kilometers (MartinUK300)
  8. “In the trenches” (when used metaphorically) (BrewsAndPews)
  9. “Roger”—especially when they mean “Wilco” (Benjamin Abel)
  10. “Kill chain” (Jeff Wilson)
  11. “POG, REMF or any variation on that theme.” (Peter Lucier)
  12. “Check your six” (Jim Golby)
  13. “Saddle up” (Lightfighter89)
  14. “Boots on the ground” (James Rashilla)
  15. “Took him off the battlefield” for kill. Just as bad is “neutralize” and absolutely worst of all is “get some.” (Greg Jaffe)
  16. “Battle buddy” (Sharon Burke)
  17. “Calling your exercise class ‘boot camp.’” (Amy Pennza)
  18. “Salty” (Marika Waiters)
  19. “Sitrep” (Sheldon Stanton)
  20. “Would you like a game of freckles?” (Think Defence)
The 20 Military Phrases Civilians Should Never, Ever Use