The 6 Worst Guys You See At The Gun Range

Polenar Tactical, a firearms and training Youtube channel out of Slovenia, just put out this hilarious parody of gun range stereotypes.

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Here are six of the best characters showing those motivated range shooters we’ve all seen. Shoutout to Imgur for the gifs.

1. The Noob:

There’s always the person who clearly has never seen, much less handled, a gun before. It’s always made clear by how they hold the gun like it will explode at any time. Whether its poor trigger discipline or bad muzzle awareness, everyone finds a reason to avoid standing next to the range newbie.

2. The C.A.R. Guy (Center Axis Relock)

This is the guy who’s been playing too many games. Most likely to be heard evangelizing some untested (and probably unsafe) shooting technique that he saw in “Metal Gear Solid.”

3. The 90s SWAT Guy:

There’s always the old-timer; the guy who insists on using 50-year-old shooting stances, his dominant arm chicken-winged out awkwardly, who asks rhetorically why would anyone need anything other than iron sights, and is deeply suspicious of anything chambered in 9mm.

4. The “Wanted” Fan:

“Oh no dude, you can totally curve a bullet, I saw Angelina Jolie do it in Wanted.” He’s the guy who will try anything; gun safety rules are boring anyway. They just get in the way of doing cool stuff …

5. The “Call of Duty” Fan:

This guy is the highest speed range shooter anywhere. He shows up wearing over a grands’ worth of tactical gear, and wonders why you haven’t worn more gear than a Delta operator to shoot at a flat range.

6. The Rambo:

This guy just likes to shoot. He’s not overly concerned with aiming, or hitting the target. And he’s definitely not concerned about ammo costs; firing $500 worth of rounds into nothing is his idea of fun.

While these are pretty exaggerated, anyone who has spent any time on a range knows there’s an element of truth to these. Check out Polenar Tactical’s full video, with all of their characters, below: