Chris Capelluto

Chris Capelluto

Managing Producer


I’m a mechanized infantry veteran of Iraq who got out of the military and into video production…about the military. I’m from the beautiful tropical island of Long Island, New York which informs most of my work. I’m a bit obsessed with researching and presenting ground warfare topics and I really enjoy learning new things about state-of-the-art weapon systems.


After graduating from NYU Tisch in Film & TV I worked at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a production assistant where I learned the ropes of how to create engaging video content. From there I ran a video production team at IBM where I helped communicate a lot of complicated technology ideas into a simple easy to understand format that even I could understand.

I brought those skills to Task & Purpose where I create entertaining videos about military technology topics. I’m the only civilian to have the opportunity to test fire the US Army’s official prototype Next Generation Small Arms weapon prototypes.

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