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Joseph Trevithick is a freelance journalist, published author, independent researcher and Fellow at He publishes and gives comment regularly on a wide range of defense and security topics.

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Photograph facing northeast showing a soldier standing guard on the corner of 7th & N Street NW in Washington D.C. with the ruins of buildings that were destroyed during the riots that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The US Army Had Big Plans For Dealing With Riots In The 1960s
Manuals provided to Task & Purpose under a Freedom of Information Act request show how the Army planned to counter civil disturbances during the Cold War.
Field modified Guide Lamp M3 submachine gun in the collection of Musée National d'Histoire Militaire (The National Museum of Military History) in Diekirch, Luxembourg.
This Classic Submachine Gun Fought With The Resistance In Europe And SEALs In Vietnam
The M3 was a standard machine gun for many military and paramilitary groups from the middle of World War II through and even beyond Vietnam.
These Are The 50-Round Magazines The Navy Made For SEAL M16s
SEALs in Vietnam wanted to lay down sustained fire with the M16. These are the magazines the Navy invented to do that.
EC-130J in flight.
How The Military Conducts PSYOPS
Thanks to an Army manual obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Task & Purpose can share some of the gear used in psychological operations.