Lacey Langford

Lacey Langford is an Accredited Financial Counselor, money-life mentor, speaker and founder of Sage Services, LLC a boutique money-life mentoring business specializing in the unique financial world of military Service members, helping them create the money life they need and want. Langford grew up as an Army Brat—playing jumpmaster, singing jodies, and stopping a game of tag for Retreat were all part of her upbringing. She then served four years in the Air Force working as an Information Manager. Following that, she married an Infantryman, and they started raising two little Army Brats of their own. Since 16 years old, she’s known the importance of saving money for emergencies, money management and reaching financial goals. All thanks to Langford’s Dad making her pay cash for a parked car she wrecked. She was able to pull it off by bagging groceries at the commissary every weekend. That experience and a few other hard money lessons learned fueled her interest in financial planning and coaching. She now combines her military experience with her financial expertise to help military Service members and their families. She has a B.S. in Business Administration concentrated in finance, as well as, an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Duke University. Langford lives in Summerfield, NC with her husband and their two wild and crazy boys where they are enjoying his new retirement from the Army and no more deployments.

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