Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher is a former U.S. Army captain and the author of the acclaimed Iraq war memoir KABOOM, based on the popular and controversial blog he kept while he was deployed. He holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia and has written for the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and Playboy, among others. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn. His debut novel YOUNGBLOOD was published in February 2016 from Atria/Simon & Schuster.

Recent articles from Matt Gallagher

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the Redding Municipal Airport Friday, June 3, 2016, in Redding, Calif.
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If someone can’t, or won’t, articulate why they cast their vote in a political debate, that’s on them. No one else.
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Bill Mauldin’s 1947 book, “Back Home,” sheds light on the postwar experiences of World War II vets and how they compare to today's generation.