Paul O’Leary

Paul O’Leary

Contributing Writer

Paul J. O’Leary is a Florida police officer and a U.S. Army veteran. He enjoys reviewing anything related to camping, endurance sports, outdoor recreation, shooting, or throwing things — preferably edged weapons. He resides in Southwest Florida.


  • Interests include running, cycling, literature, history, camping, hiking, photography, and travel. 
  • Expertise includes police tactics and procedures, investigative techniques, and interviews & interrogations. 
  • Prior publications include the Ranger Up Rhino Den, Unapologetically American, and Havok Journal. 



Paul served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the late eighties, after which he attended the police academy and became a full-time police officer. As a law enforcement officer, he has been a field training officer, a hostage negotiator, a police instructor, and a detective investigating robberies, sex crimes, and homicides. Paul continues to serve as a military reservist, which has taken him to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Panama, Germany, and Romania. He has served as a medic, an Infantryman, and as a Human Intelligence Collector.

He is an avid runner who has completed seven marathons and one triathlon. In 2011, he was a presenter at the International Crisis Intervention Training Conference in Virginia Beach where he lectured about techniques for engaging with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who are in crisis. He has taught law enforcement topics in Barbados and Saint Vincent.


Paul has associate degrees in Spanish from the Defense Language Institute and Applied Military Intelligence from Cochise College, a bachelor’s degree from Charter Oak State College, and is pursuing a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Fun Facts

A lifelong nerd, Paul began his interest in weapons by performing as actor and stunt fighter with the Royal Chessmen, a theatrical group that performed living chess games at Ren Faires and other sordid events,

He once traveled to Los Angeles to portray a zombie in an indie post-apocalypse comedy movie.,

As a police officer, he has been approached and offered assistance by Spiderman and Batman…in different cities.,

Paul believes the urban environment is equally as fascinating to explore and photograph as the wilderness environment.,

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