Robert Seo

Robert served at the vanguard during the initial push for Baghdad with a light armored reconnaissance unit in 2003. After completing his service, he received a BA in Economics and a minor in Mathematics at the University of Maryland. Robert then found himself on the dark side as an investment banking analyst at UBS. After a few years, he went native (or as they say, nativo) and spent a year in Colombia and Ecuador honing his EspaƱol and training for an Ironman Triathlon (which he completed in Brazil). He then had a stint with Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies investing in various industries and diverse geographies. For his MBA at the Wharton School, he triple majored in Entrepreneurial Management, Finance and Hustling (Everyday). If you're not careful, he will use his rugged good looks and irresistible charm with no mercy to disarm you.

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