Scott Whisler

Scott Whisler

Contributing Writer

Scott Whisler is a Marine Corps veteran and family man. He’s an avid student of philosophy who strives for self-growth and challenge, both found in his outdoor adventures.  As a new Okie, his focus is on exploring the South Central region. His lifetime goal is to have excursions in all of the National Parks.


  • Interests: Camping, hiking, strength training, fitness, shooting sports
  • Publication history: Task & Purpose, The Drive, Carbibles



Writing for Task & Purpose is my first professional role as a writer and I’m very excited to be on this team adding value to our readers. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where I developed a love for the outdoors before joining the Marine Corps in 2006. Serving as an Infantry Marine built deep respect for the outdoors and shooting sports that I’ve carried on after leaving the military in 2011. It was during my transition that I learned about strength training and became passionate about fitness. All of these experiences have shaped my personal philosophy and outlook on life, which I try to share through my writings so that anyone reading them can make the best decision for them.


High School Diploma

Fun Fact

I’ve only been to 18 states and 3 other countries.

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