Terron Sims

Terron Sims, II

Terron Sims, II, is a 2000 West Point graduate who served in Iraq from May 2003 through July 2004. While deployed in Iraq, he facilitated and mentored the local government and municipality in Baghdad’s Tisa Nissan District, where he served as his squadron’s liaison officer to the Coalition Provisional Authority and the U.N. Sims was also the primary military liaison officer to Iraq’s Wasit province. As a civilian, Sims worked for the Army’s current operations division, tasking units to fill key global positions to fight the Global War on Terror. He also developed the system that the Department of the Army uses to build its installation budget and DoD’s Sexual Assault Incident Database. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Sims served on both the (Obama) defense and veterans services policy teams, where he wrote the policy for service members' life Insurance. This past winter, Sims served as the co-director for veterans services for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s transition team. This past June, Governor McAuliffe appointed him to serve on Virginia’s military advisory council. Sims is the author of two novels: With Honor In Hand and Hands of Honor. Additionally, he regularly tutors and mentors young people throughout northern Virginia.