The best Nerf guns your squad needs to dominate the playground

It’s natural to want one’s squad outfitted in the latest and greatest in low-impact fun-guns.

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Whether it’s defending one’s home from soft-bodied pedestrians or invading some godforsaken sandbox down the block, the best Nerf guns should remain an important fixture of every good homeowner’s arsenal. Not only are they fun as hell, but they’re extremely diverse and adaptable — and, at times, a bit too close to home for those who actually specialize in handling real-life weapons professionally. As a result, it’s natural to want one’s squad outfitted in the latest and greatest in low-impact fun-guns, especially if you’re bracing for a middle-of-the-night mission deploying from the bedroom to the living room. Oh, did we mention they’re fun as hell? I thought so.

To that end, we here at Task & Purpose have rounded up a selection of the best Nerf gun (and Nerf-like guns) fit for the standard U.S. military infantry squad — and then some. From the standard assault rifle to the sniper rifle to the ‘grenade’ launcher, there’s something on this list for everyone, so read on, and choose your weapon wisely: you don’t know when you might need it.

For your rifleman

For your squad leader

For your squad designated marksman

For your sniper

For your mortarman

For your grenadier

For your specialist

For your missileman

For your assaultman

For your sidearm

For your very own Master Chief

master chief


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