• A Navy captain is being court-martialed for having a private business to which she allegedly steered some $600,000 in contracts. Her lawyer says she is being “railroaded.” I’ve never really understood that term.
  • A Navy commander got 30 months in the slammer for his minor role in the Supersized Leonard mess. We are about at the point where we could crew a ship with the Navy’s Fat Leonard convicts. How about putting them on a prison hulk in San Diego Bay? It could be a tourist attraction. But no Mongolian prostitutes allowed!
  • There also were more Navy guilty pleas in the Leonard scandal. Current score is 33 charged, 22 have pled. One of the recent pleaders used to be head of public affairs for the Pacific Fleet. Turns out he did ghostwriting for Mr. Leonard.
  • 14 of the 15 sailors busted in a drug ring on the USS Ronald Reagan worked in the nuclear reactor department. Ay yi yi.
  • Navy SEALs been allegedly stabbin’ and stranglin’ like they’re fresh outta Shantytown..
  • The Navy ousted the commander of Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes.

Meantime, the Air Force booted three officers overseeing pilot training, and in the process threw around words like “irresponsible” and “dangerous.”

The estimable Sig Christenson did a good interview that dug into the background to the removals. I wish more generals were willing to explain their removals of subordinate commanders.

A Relief, A Strangling, Possible Graft And Other Mischief: Special Navy Edition