Military Life

This Company Is Hiring Vets In These 3 Career Fields Right Now

Active-duty service members getting ready to separate and veterans transitioning to civilian life, the team at Johnson Controls is interested in your services.

For Johnson Controls, a multi-industrial, recruiting current and former military members is an integral strategy for building its business, with 150,000 employees in over 1,500 locations across over 150 countries.

That’s because they know that the discipline, skills, and strategic judgements that service members learn in the military are perfectly suited for roles and responsibilities in the Johnson Controls family.

Johnson Controls’ established core businesses are in the automotive, buildings, and energy storage industries.

Its culture is a strong and well-grounded one, providing a clearly defined mission that brings security, safety, and comfort to millions nationwide. Sound familiar? It should, as it has an extremely veteran and transition-friendly culture with similar values to those fostered in the military.

“Johnson Controls values our veteran employees for their strong adaptability, determination and drive for results,” says Dave Slusser, the vice president of human resources and a U.S. Army veteran. “Just as when they wore the uniform, you can count on them in the toughest of circumstances and to do it the right way.”

Johnson Controls military recruitment effort is a story that everyone should know, as it offers tremendous value across a huge array of military skill sets, branches, and ranks. If your military background is combat arms, maintenance, or logistics, or you are an officer or noncommissioned officer with at least an associate’s degree, your hard skill sets, or core competencies, are in demand. Johnson Controls is actively seeking infantry and other combat arms backgrounds for a variety of roles, from sales to maintenance to manufacturing operations. You will use your skills of problem-solving, mission focus, continuous improvement, professional communications, and attention to detail.


Sales here offers great opportunities to work with world-class HVAC systems and controls, or vehicle batteries to the world’s top manufacturers and retail outlets worldwide.


Do you have a logistics background? Johnson Controls has opportunities for you as well. Think about the numbers — 150,000 employees operating in more than 150 countries. Talk about beans and bullets. Johnson Controls has logistics needs that would challenge most professional Loggies, but your background here gives you the exact experience they are asking for.


Finally, Johnson Control is also seeking to hire military maintenance expertise at any and all levels. For those who can turn a wrench and chase electrons, Johnson Controls wants you to apply. The company is committed to finding this talent and getting the right backgrounds and experience levels aligned to the right role.

If you’re looking to build a career that engages the skills you already have, then check out Johnson Controls today. We guarantee you that you will be seen by their military recruiters, and if you fit the bill, you will certainly get a full assessment of your skills.