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Your post-PCS checklist

Here are the top post-PCS tips that will help you and your family transition smoothly into your next chapter.

You’ve made your PCS to-do list and checked it twice, or perhaps a dozen times. Your orders are in hand your household goods are packed up and on their way to your new home at your next duty station. Whether it’s your first PCS or your sixth, having the right post-move checklist can help you stay focused and make sure important details don’t get lost between finding a new home and crossing your fingers all your household goods end up there in one piece. Here are the top post-PCS tips that will help you and your family transition smoothly into your next chapter.

1. Set up renters or homeowners insurance. If you’re renting a home or apartment most landlords require you to show proof of insurance that covers everything under your roof. But even if they don’t require it, obtaining renter’s insurance is key to making sure all your household goods are covered in the event of fire, theft, or water damage. Geico policies for renter’s insurance start at $12 a month, and their Personal Property Scanner in their mobile app makes it easy to create a virtual inventory.

Homeowner’s insurance is a non-negotiable necessity if you are buying a home. A homeowner’s policy doesn’t just cover your belongings, but also covers the actual structure of your home in the event of certain damages, and may cover medical expenses if someone gets injured on your property or in your home. Geico has multi-policy discounts, so you can save even more money if you bundle your policies, such as homeowners and auto insurances. 

2. Vehicle insurance. Vehicle insurance isn’t just for the car you drive. Through Geico, you can also get coverage for your boat, RV, motorcycle, or ATV. The average new customer saves around $500 annually when opening a new auto insurance policy. Making a big life change, like 

3. Inventory your household goods when they arrive. 

4. School enrollment. 

5. Don’t forget your four-legged family members. PCS moves can be incredibly stressful for family pets, too. Long travel and unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells of your new home can trigger anxiety responses in your animals, who may need extra attention to get through the transition. Some animals when they are stressed may run away or escape even a well-fortified yard, so making sure your best buddy is microchipped is a wise move. If they already have a microchip, make sure it is updated with your new address and an up-to-date phone number. Scope out veterinary care in your new location and enroll your pet as soon as possible to make sure they stay up to date on vaccinations and any care they may need. For added protection, Geico offers affordable pet insurance for as little as a dollar a day with a multi-pet discount. 

Take the worry out of your next PCS move by planning ahead.

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