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Vets With Electrical And Mechanical Backgrounds Need To Check Out This Job

Intel is a household name, and its chips and semiconductors enable much of what we’ve come to take for granted in the digital age. Intel operates several facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon — aka “Silicon Forest” — and has an amazing opportunity for veterans specifically for this location.

If you’re a veteran with an electrical or mechanical background, then this may be the job for you.

The company has a long-standing commitment to hire from the military talent pool; in fact, it has a specific team focused on hiring transitioning service members who have some sort of technical background — either electrical, mechanical or maintenance. Vets from these career fields are assessed for manufacturing technician roles.

Recently at the Fort Hood Mega Job Fair, 35 transitioning job seekers received offers for this facility, on the spot. Intel is serious about staffing for Hillsboro and now is the time to apply.

Manufacturing technicians essentially maintain and repair the automated equipment that manufactures chips and semiconductors. A member of the Hirepurpose team recently toured an Intel manufacturing facility and found the environment to be clean and open — the actual production area in some respects looks like the interior of a large spaceship from a science-fiction movie. There was even a boutique coffee bar and putting green on site.

Manufacturing technicians must wear protective gear that helps to maintain the super clean environment — nicknamed “Bunny Suits,” these are white suits that cover you from head to toe. For some this might be a showstopper, but employees related that you get used to it pretty quick.

The work schedule is also unique: These are 12-hour shifts, which in the military means 14-to-16 hour shifts, but at Intel you are truly engaged for 12 hours and then you are done. The benefit of this compressed schedule is that you work three days one week, four days the next, and then back to three days, which gives you the freedom to pursue side projects, recreation, or finish up your degree.

Manufacturing techs generally start out at an annual salary of $45,000 to $55,000 with full benefits. It all begins with training: You’ll be assigned a peer trainer who will lead you through various tasks in which you are introduced, allowed to practice and master, and then certified before moving on to more difficult functions. Manufacturing technicians who do well tend to move up to partnering with engineers to become engineering technicians. After achieving a four-year degree, they can move into management/supervision. Intel offers tuition assistance for employees to obtain degrees in the field they work in, too.

If you’ve never thought about Oregon, here’s why you should. Hillsboro itself is nestled in the Willamette Valley, known for amazing pinot noir. If red wine isn’t your thing, maybe a temperate climate would be: 40s and 50s in the winter and 70s to low 80s in the summer. You are an hour from skiing at Mt. Hood and about an hour and a half to the pacific coast. The crime rate is low and the streets are clean.

Intel is trying to fill all of its vacancies by June 2016, so if you’re a veteran with a background in electrical, mechanical or maintenance operations, then give this opportunity real consideration. Intel will even pay to relocate you to Hillsboro if you are hired.

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