• A commander at Ft. Jackson, S.C., ordered a few years ago that the lake level behind his house be raised so his backyard view would be nicer. When the rains came, that led to a catastrophic dam collapse and flooding.
  • “Hold my beer!” replies Lt. Col. James Scott, commander of the Radford Army Ammunition plant, the largest polluter in the state of Virginia. His plant released 12.1 million tons of “toxic release inventory chemicals” in 2016, the latest year for which data is available. (And, tbh, before he took command.) “That figure accounts for 34% of the total on-site releases for all 2016 chemicals reported for facilities statewide,” notes The Roanoke Times. In other words, about one-third of all the toxic chemicals released in Virginia that year. This junk apparently goes into the New River, where I have spent some time upside down in my kayak.
  • Hold both my beers! The chief chaplain of the Marine Corps Reserves flamed out spectacularly, being caught on tape having sex outside a bar in New Orleans. This raises an unexpected question: What was the sex act in which he was engaged when he became a star?
  • Air Force nixes dick pix: An Air Force second lieutenant was charged with running a club code-named “Whiskey Delta Tango” that involved sending photographs of one’s genitalia.
  • Speaking of airpower: The chief of staff of the Belgian Air Force, along with a bunch of other senior officers, got suspended for allegedly lying to civilian leaders about their F-16 fleet. Apparently bad-mouthing it in order to buy more planes.
  • Miratek, a little Texas company, used almost half the money it got in an Army electronics contract to pay a lobbyist to lobby for continuing the contract. This is frowned on, so the CEO pleaded guilty to fraud.
Military Mischiefs: A Dam General, A Polluting Colonel, And Much More