I doubt Trump really wants to know who wrote that anonymous op-ed attacking his administration from the perspective of an insider.

As my wife notes, what happens if they find out? Well, the writer of the article declines to sign an affidavit and quits—and then spends a few weeks on cable TV shows explaining why, despite being a true-blue conservative, he or she came to loathe the president.

He or she tells insider stories that curl the public’s hair and does so in terms that resonate with wavering conservatives. This likely would be unhelpful to Republican candidates during the weeks before the mid-term elections.

On the other hand, the op-ed, along with Bob Woodward’s book, seems to be driving the Tweeter-in-Chief nuts. So once again you have his childish emotions undermining his repugnant interests.

Why is this relevant to a column about national security affairs? You just wait, little grasshoppers.

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