LAST UPDATED: April 15, 2021

Grab one of the best range bags before your next trip to the firing line

Best Overall Savior Equipment Rifle Bag Savior Equipment Rifle Bag

Carry everything you need for a day at the range in one bag. Rifles, pistols, ammunition, ears and eyes, a cleaning kit––this bag has you covered.

  • This soft case boasts huge amounts of storage
  • Modular panels let you set it up the way you want, and durable materials will keep it in action for years
  • Those of you with handguns only will have to look elsewhere
  • Hard cases offer more protection against impacts and moisture
Best Value Exos Pistol Case Exos Pistol Case

This budget-friendly range bag lets you spend more money on the things that matter during a day at the range, and less on hauling your equipment there.

  • If price is a factor, this is the way to go
  • The soft case has room for two pistols in a discreet package with just enough storage for the essentials
  • The list of features is short
  • Some concessions are necessary to get a range bag this affordable and compact
Honorable Mention GPS Tactical Range Bag GPS Tactical Range Bag

Want to cut down on the number of bags you need to carry to the range? This backpack lets you carry handguns and all the gear you need hands-free.

  • Make life easier by carrying your gear on your back
  • Keep all your gear organized and protected with individual padded compartments
  • Side openings allow easy access to the main compartment
  • This bag has plenty of room, but it also takes up a considerable amount of space for a handgun case

Shooters, before you approach the firing line on your own time, ask yourself if all that gear is as squared away as it could be. Are you packed and ready to hit the range at sun-up, or are you going to unleash a car full of mismatched cases, loose ammunition boxes, and a cleaning kit in the flimsy packaging it came in? If the latter sounds familiar, something has to change. That kind of range-day setup is making life way harder than it needs to be, and it honestly doesn’t make the rest of us look that great. We are supposed to be professional shooters above all else, remember. Step one is getting a legitimate range bag. By keeping your gear organized, you’ll never show up without something you need, or have to make multiple trips to the car for stray items.

Whether you want a comprehensive range bag or something tactical that keeps you mobile, there’s an option for you. The range bags we picked for this list represent all budgets and intended uses to help you cut to the chase. Hoist that red flag, because the range just went hot.

It’s easy to see why this range bag from Savior Equipment is so popular. The rugged PVC exterior is tough enough to handle just about anything you can throw at it. Handles and removable straps let you carry this option like a traditional soft case or wear it like a backpack. A large, laser-cut MOLLE panel adds a place for extra attachments. Tamper-resistant zippers add a layer of security. External pouches keep magazines, ear and eye protection, and other necessities within arm’s reach. A large center pouch contains two pistol pouches, and zip-up mesh compartments for small items. Inside, there is room for two rifles, with straps to hold them in place and a removable padded divider to prevent metal-on-metal contact. Choose from five colors, and five sizes ranging from 36 to 55 inches.

The Exos pistol case is slim enough to carry in the car, or add to a more comprehensive bugout bag. The heavy-duty polyester exterior is extremely durable and provides some defense against water. A wrap-around zipper lets you open this case wide, and fold it flat on the bench for easy range day or maintenance session access. MOLLE on the inside and outside allow you to add pouches like the cleaning kit you forgot to return to supply. Padded walls cushion firearms and magazines stored inside. The side pouch holds up to five magazines for easy access. The main compartment has room for two more, in addition to two pistols. This is the most compact option on our list. If you don’t have a lot to carry, or are on a tight budget, it deserves a serious look.

If you want a pistol bag that can carry everything you need and keep up when you’re on the move, check out this tactical backpack from GPS. The shoulder straps and hip belt are padded to distribute weight more comfortably. A waterproof rain fly can be quickly accessed in the event of unexpected rain. External MOLLE makes adding attachments easy. Inside the main compartments, dedicated storage spaces keep things like ear plugs, protective glasses, and small tools well-organized. This modular system includes three removable pistol cases that can be accessed by a side-entry zipper. Each holds one pistol and four magazines. We love the convenience, but these cases run on the small side so plan on storing larger handguns in the main compartment. Color options include black, tan, and green.

The midsize DBTAC range bag is a fantastic option for shooters with smaller firearms, or those who need a separate place to store ammunition, or accessories like cleaning kits, tools, and protective equipment. This tote-sized bag measures 15 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. That’s enough room to carry all kinds of gear in the large main compartment. Movable inserts allow you to customize internal dividers as you see fit. The large side compartment features a prominent velcro panel that allows you to position the included MOLLE panel and pistol mount however you prefer. Carry this option with one hand or cross-body with the adjustable shoulder strap. Durable materials will help this bag last years of hard use, and support heavy items like firearms and ammunition while you walk.

For a compact pistol case that doesn’t skimp on quality, look no further than this range bag from Orca. The exterior of this bag uses reinforced nylon for optimum durability. Large velcro panels ley you add removable storage as necessary. A double-zipper main compartment makes it easy to see and access the gear you’re looking for. Padded dividers and elastic storage compartments keep everything organized and prevent damage caused by items rattling around while you’re on the go. The tamper-resistant zippers are compatible with common luggage locks for added security during transportation and storage. Carry it with the handles or an adjustable sling. Colors include black, olive drab green, and coyote brown. Don’t underestimate the size; you’ll be surprised how much gear you can fit in this range bag.

If you’ve ever been to a shooting range off-base, odds are you’ve seen a rifle bag like this one from Army Camo USA. There are plenty of options that use this design, but we like this one’s price and selection of available colors. Choose from several solid colors and camouflage styles. The simple, utilitarian design allows this bag to be sold at a price the competition has a hard time matching. As no-frills as it is, you’ll still get essentials like five external magazine pouches, a window for a nametag, and a velcro panel for your favorite moto patch. Padded walls cushion your favorite rifle and the oversized shape leaves plenty of room for larger optics. The full-length zipper opens this case flat and can be secured with a travel lock. This is the least expensive option on our list, but the number of similar bags you see on the firing line should make you feel pretty good about buying one.

Types of range bags

What separates range bags is their intended use. If you’re bringing a pistol out to plink for half an hour, you need something very different than someone who’s going to spend all day at the 1,000-yard line, or someone training for a three-gun competition. You’ll see bags designed to carry large amounts of gear from the car to the firing line like a duffel, backpacks suited to all-day hikes in outdoor training facilities, and slim cases that can easily be tucked into a safe for storage. Think about the equipment you typically carry and find a bag that will provide organized storage for all those items without going overboard. At a minimum, consider where you’ll store your weapon, magazines, and a cleaning kit.

Key features of range bags

  • Size: The size of the range bag you choose will be determined by the weapon you plan to carry, as well as the gear you want to keep with you. Try to condense your range-day setup to one bag, if you can.
  • Sustainability: Some people’s range bags only have to get them to the bench at their local shooting range. Other people have what’s basically a bugout bag that needs to store enough ammunition, cleaning supplies, and tools to keep them operational for the long haul. Which works best for you?
  • Intended use: Is your range bag a way to get from A to B, or do you plan on doing dynamic training with a lot of movement between evolutions? Think about how you’ll use your range bag before making a purchase.
  • Features: You’re going to pay for any features your range bag offers, so pick one with perks you can take advantage of. If you’re a minimalist, you might not benefit from extra pouches and MOLLE panels. If this is your one-stop-shop, go ahead and buy into all the features you can get.

Benefits of range bags

If you’ve ever been accused of being a gear bomb, some organization might be in order. If your gear is properly stowed but spread across several bags and cases, there’s still room for improvement. Protect your investment by choosing a range bag or case that keeps all your gear safely tucked away for storage and transportation. No more digging through a backpack of loose magazines, or realizing that a loose bottle of CLP has turned your trunk into a miniature Exxon Valdez. Trust us, you’ll enjoy your time at the range more when you can focus more on your shooting than tracking down lost gear.

Range bag pricing

We’re happy to report that shooters can find a solid range bag to fit just about any budget. Entry-level bags start as low as $25. These are little more than soft cases, but they have enough features to get the job done–especially if you tend to pack light. As prices go up, you’ll start to see things like thicker padding, specialized compartments, adjustable straps, and MOLLE panels to add even more gear. Prices for premium range bags can exceed $200. For that, you’ll get a bag that can be your go-to for everything from range days, to hunting trips, to the zombie apocalypse.

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