A whole generation of veterans who joined the military in the wake of the September 11th attacks are turning 40. In other words, we’re getting older. On top of any ailments we may have picked up in service, we’re learning about all the fun that comes with the natural aging process, including some symptoms and issues that can feel a little embarrassing.

But the fact is, many people face these issues, and veterans in particular tend to experience them more than the rest of the American population. That includes higher rates of erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, and incontinence. And unfortunately, veterans tend to underreport all of them even when there’s readily available help out there.

Most veterans know their medication prescriptions can be sent to their homes by mail, in discreet packaging, oftentimes overnight. But many veterans are unaware this service is not limited to medications. The VA sends all sorts of medical interventions and supplies to veterans using this same method.

The Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy, or CMOP, is what makes it all possible. The VA partners with the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL to deliver medications as well as the medical supplies we’d rather not talk about. There’s no need to go to Hims for ED medication, the grocery store for Metamucil, or Amazon for incontinence products. The CMOP can deliver all of it, for free, and it can even be faster than Amazon.

No matter where the veteran lives, even in the most rural areas in the country, CMOP will deliver right to their doorstep. All veterans need to do to access this service is talk with their VA provider. VA doctors already know what conditions affect veterans the most; they hear it every day. That’s why it’s important to inform your provider of your condition, not just to provide a complete medical history, but to make sure you have what you need to live your daily life.

These issues affect us all. The MRI and Military Explorer Study of 2022 found male veterans are more than twice as likely to experience symptoms of incontinence. The study also found that more than half of veterans with incontinence problems are women. Luckily, the CMOP provides free access to nonprescription products like those that help with incontinence.

Attends is a longstanding CMOP partner that has a host of products specifically designed for adults with incontinence issues, even for those who are (and will continue to be) physically active. To help determine which Attends product is right for you check out the Attends product catalog and the Attends Product Finder tool.  You can also try out the products for yourselves by requesting a free sample.  The entire product catalog, including the new Attends Underwear for Men, is on the Federal Supply Schedule, meaning they’re eligible to be sent to veterans for free through the CMOP at no cost. There’s no need to go to Amazon and pay out of pocket for something that could be sent for free.     

Two million American military veterans are experiencing incontinence problems. That’s a full 12.5% of the overall veteran population in the country. While it might be uncomfortable to raise the issue with their doctor at first, veterans have one of the most accessible, trusted, and discreet solutions available to anyone in the country at their fingertips—all they have to do is ask.

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