While the pandemic may be over, the exorbitant prices for gas and consumer goods have not returned to earth, and economists aren’t predicting a let off anytime soon. For families with children, that means very soon they will be staring down the prospect of back-to-school shopping lists, and all those associated expenses. For thousands of families that means new notebooks, writing material, pens, paper, electronics, and updated outfits as the kids grow out of their old clothes.

Thankfully there’s still enough time to budget and prepare for the impact on your wallet. Since the start of the school year is a fixed event, a bit of pre-planning will go a long way towards removing (some of) the financial stress from a new academic year.

A big part of that preparation is taking advantage of the benefits provided to Navy Federal Credit Union members. Budget-conscious military families can leverage the More Rewards Card while tracking purchases to avoid overspending and earn triple points in more ways than ever before. That means more money in the account, and less going out the door.

The versatile card will net you 3x points at restaurants and on food deliveries, so you don’t have to sacrifice Friday pizza nights just because the school year has started. Ice cream after sports? 3x the points! So don’t skimp on treating your family when things seem a little tight.

The More Rewards Card will get you 3x the points for gas and transit too, so your carpool trips begin to add up as well. That also means the savings don’t stop once you’ve successfully ferried the kiddos to school. The More Rewards Card will also net you points on parking fees and highway tolls, so don’t let high gas prices keep you locked down at home.

Since the More Rewards Card also covers supermarket grocery purchases, you can still earn points while you take comfort in knowing your kids are eating healthy, home-packed lunches. So take that parenting win and keep racking up the savings, while filling the pantry with all the food and snacks you love to nibble on!

While back-to-school expenses may seem daunting, consolidating all your purchases with the More Rewards card will not only help you track expenditures, but stack your reward points so you can look forward to the fun stuff, like an end-of-school vacation, since you can also spend them on airline tickets, rental cars, merchandise, and even hotels!

Don’t forget, in addition to the awesome 3x points back on the items listed above, you’ll also get 1 point per dollar spent on everything else.

With Back to School just around the corner, click here to learn how you can apply for your More Rewards card today.

This article was sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union.