May is Military Appreciation Month—a month dedicated to recognizing members of our Armed Forces who have volunteered to wear the uniform. This is a great time to recognize the challenges overcome by those who defend our nation’s freedom and to highlight important facts about military life.

Service members are never truly ‘off-duty’. Subordinates can be recalled at a moment’s notice, subjected to days or weeks-long training events away from their families. Military leaders are responsible for different aspects of their servicemembers’ well-being, whether on leave, deployed to a training zone, or working a normal maintenance Monday at a home station. When it’s time for gunnery, flight certification, or pre-deployment prep, special moments like weddings, births, anniversaries, and family holidays may take a backseat in the name of readiness.

Most who know a U.S. military member, know that they don’t go home until their job is done. This mindset is what makes them heroes. Children of service members may go an entire week without seeing their mom or dad, even when not deployed overseas due to long working hours that often start off early.

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