Since 1971, National University has been helping adults achieve higher education by making it accessible, affordable and achievable. Founded by a retired Navy Captain, the school is ideal for active duty students looking to further their education while serving their country. Here are some of the benefits that NU offers to help service members work toward their degree on active duty.

1. On-base and online courses

When serving on active duty, home is wherever the military sends you. This can make it difficult to attend college courses unless the campus is near your base. National University’s campus is located in San Diego, California and is accessible to service members stationed in the area. Beyond that, NU actually offers on-base courses at select bases. These locations allow students to interact directly with an NU representative and get the guidance they need to complete their four-week course. If you’re stationed at a base without an NU presence, their flexible online courses can be enrolled in at any point during the year and are ideal for active duty students with unpredictable and ever-changing schedules.

2. Military scholarships

In addition to time, there is a financial cost that comes with higher education. While military tuition assistance can help, active duty students may not have the personal finances needed to fund their education. National University recognizes this and offers military scholarships to fill in the gap. The Sanford Military Scholarship covers the remainder of an active duty student’s tuition after their tuition assistance and any other grants or scholarships. Essentially, it provides a zero-out of pocket education for active duty students.

3. Support and tutoring

In the military, you have a chain of command to provide you with guidance and support. National University provides the same kind of support to its students. Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a post-grad degree in engineering, NU offers tutoring to help you reach your educational goal. Active duty students can even take advantage of dedicated military support from NU during their academic career.

4. Dedicated advisors

So you’ve decided that National University is the best fit for you; great! You can enroll year-round at your convenience, so no worries there. NU’s website is super easy to navigate and applying is easy. Still need some guidance to get started? NU has dedicated military admissions advisors that you can call at 855-355-6288 or email at Once you’re enrolled, you’ll have an academic advisor who will guide you through course completion and answer any questions you may have along your educational path.

This article was sponsored by National University.