With over 1.7 million verified, active VetTixers, the non-profit organization Vet Tix is comparable in size and reach to the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, making it among the most impactful veteran non-profit organizations in the nation. And their size and impact is growing every day. 

At Vet Tix, the mission is simple: offer opportunities for vets and all currently serving members of the armed forces to have a good time. Vet Tix’s goal is to foster community during and after service by allowing service members, veterans and their families to make great memories, thereby enriching their quality of life—meeting a need we’ve seen time and again in our post-military service communities.

From sporting events to concerts to educational and family activities across the country, Vet Tix has distributed an astounding 19+ million tickets since they were founded in 2008, with that number growing daily.

With its exponential growth and its increasing number of users, Vet Tix has made a name for itself, putting it in line with other key veteran non-profit organizations in the country, such as The American Legion or DAV. Where Vet Tix excels is in serving millions of VetTixers with a very specific focus: providing enriching experiences for the military, veteran and first responder communities. 

Vet Tix distributes millions of free tickets to military and first responder communities

The result is a resounding impact on a deep personal level for service members, veterans, first responders, and their families. ​​Many veterans experience difficulties when reintegrating into the community, which can lead to feelings of isolation and even depression. That’s why Vet Tix has made it its mission to bring these heroes back into the community, giving them a shared experience to enjoy with their friends and loved ones. These tickets mean much more than simply watching a concert or a game; it’s a way to strengthen relationships with those around them.

Many VetTixers express that their tickets helped them adjust after returning from deployment by finding something to smile about again. Some used it as a way to hang out with their kids and connect with their families. For some veterans, the program was literally a lifesaver. 

“Wounds of war, both mental and physical, can stay with our veterans the rest of their lives. Giving to our veterans and supporting the transitions back into their families and communities is a gift of gratitude in which we all can take part,” states the Vet Tix website. As an AirForce veteran, I too had the opportunity to sign up and it took under a minute to verify my account through Right out the gate, there were over two thousand tickets up for grabs—comedy shows, sporting events, concerts, musicals, and more. 

Vet Tix makes it easy to donate tickets—season ticket holders or anyone who can’t make a game or concert that day can easily donate seats to VetTixers with a quick turnaround.

Vet Tix was founded with the goal of bringing service members back into the community, strengthening relationships, and honoring their service. And with 1.7 million VetTixers and counting, they’ve done just that. Through the simple act of providing tickets to service members, Vet Tix has created life-long memories for families, brought friends together, and encouraged veterans to stay engaged with their communities.

To learn more about Vet Tix, donate tickets, or to sign up, visit