Veteran Friendly Job Fields

There are many veteran friendly jobs that incorporate the skills you gained while serving in the military.

There are many veteran friendly jobs that incorporate the skills you gained while serving in the military. Former military service members bring a plethora of beneficial transferable skills to the civilian sector. Strong work ethic and leadership skills are among some of the most favored characteristics of employers in America. Civilian employers will look for a disciplined veteran to fill the much needed position, and can trust the job and company will be taken seriously and treated with respect. Here are some veteran friendly careers to consider after your service has ended with the military.

Veteran Friendly Job #1 – Skilled Trades

The military is very good at breaking and fixing things, giving many veterans experience working with their hands. Going into a skilled trade may be an easy transition into civilian work. Most skilled trade civilian positions offer extensive training programs to make this a career. Some even offer apprenticeships that can lead to skilled positions with higher pay.

Veteran Friendly Job #2 – Engineering

Another veteran friendly position would be one within the world of engineering. Many military members have specialized extensive training in this department. Most aerospace and defense manufacturers prefer to hire those with a military background in their civilian positions. They know that service men and women have experience around military equipment, and how they function.

Veteran Friendly Job #3- Business Management

Companies are always looking for leaders who know how to motivate. Becoming a business management associate is one of the best ways to utilize leadership skills learned in the service. When it comes to a company achieving ultimate output for profit, they want someone that has extensive leadership skills, and someone that can be strategic.

Veteran Friendly Job # 4 – Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Working in criminal justice or law enforcement may be the closest matched civilian job to a military position. It is a natural fit for a veteran, and gives them the ability to continue to protect and serve their community. It is a job that is important for the protection of all, and having the expert training in gun safety is one of the best assets a veteran can bring to the position.

Veteran Friendly Job # 5 – Outdoor Jobs

A job working outdoors, such as in landscaping or land surveying, could be a great civilian position. Employers look for workers that can work independently in this type of job, something done often while working in the service.

Veteran Friendly Job # 6 – Federal Government Jobs

Working a federal government job is one of the most veteran friendly jobs that can be found in America. It is a great career path with amazing benefits. In most instances, you can gain advantage in the application process by being a veteran. The federal government is known to hire military veterans who already have the required experience.

Veteran Friendly Job # 7 – Business Ownership

Another great position for veterans is going into business for yourself, and opening your own company. Veterans already have strong leadership skills, and their ability to take risks makes them excellent entrepreneurs. If a veteran wants to open their own business, but does not know where to start, going into a franchise is another viable option for business ownership.

Veteran Friendly Job # 8 – Healthcare

Many healthcare employers look to hire military veterans for jobs as well. This is a great path for a veteran who has experience in helping wounded soldiers or sick military members. Your medical positions while in the military can help in an array of civilian medical positions after being discharged.

Companies That Hire Veterans

There are many companies that are committed to hiring veterans for their jobs. A good way to connect with companies that are looking to hire veterans is to attend a special veterans virtual career fair. That way you can connect with companies in real-time that are hiring veterans and apply to open positions that would be a good fit based on your skills and experience.

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