Why veterans should consider National University to continue their education

Founded by a retired Navy Commander, National University is uniquely equipped to empower student veterans.

One of the most important benefits that veterans receive is the Post-9/11 GI Bill®. Since tuition assistance is available during active-duty service, it’s generally advised to save the GI Bill for after a servicemember leaves active duty. Veterans may be eligible for the Montgomery or Post-9/11 GI Bill® depending primarily on their length of service. Regardless of which one you get, National University (NU) specializes in helping veterans maximize their earned benefits in the pursuit of higher education.

With a military benefits team, military support, and dedicated military enrollment advisors, National University offers veterans a whole human education approach. This is no surprise since the school was founded by retired Navy Capt. Dr. David Chigos. Although the main campus is in San Diego, California, veterans can take courses from anywhere in the world via online degree programs.

National University offers year-round enrollment and one-month classes allowing students to start their degrees sooner and finish them faster. Additionally, veterans can take advantage of a 25% tuition discount. This offer is extended to veteran spouses and dependents, affirming National University’s commitment to delivering accessible, world-class student experiences to those who’ve served and their families.

Veterans can also use certain certifications and training completed during their service as college credit. National University’s Veteran Center helps student vets maximize these credits as well as their tuition assistance. It’s also a Yellow Ribbon school, meaning that National University will help veterans pay for education costs not covered by their GI Bill. National University also offers the Veterans’ Victory Scholarship, providing qualified veterans with up to $5,000, based on academic or community achievement and financial need.

After serving their country, many veterans make use of their GI Bill to better apply the skills they learned in the military as civilians or transition into entirely new fields for a second career. Founded by a veteran and equipped with dedicated resources and a supportive ecosystem, National University offers student veterans a way to continue their education after their service.

This article was sponsored by National University.