Jarred Taylor

JT - The master networker. The mad scientist. The genius behind the shenanigans of all things related to conversations that end with, "what the fuck did he just say?" JT, much like one of his past love flames, is afflicted with multiple personalities. Sometimes known as the "Yellow Dart" and other times known as "Jimmy John's Jarred," he will twist your mind with the craziest shit you have ever heard. Most often found meandering around town with a "France Press" filled with Tito's vodka or gasoline, he'll smoke your ass at an eating contest, a debate on the strangest shit you have never thought of, and known to seduce and fraternize with Uber drivers all over the world. What can we say except, "THAT's Jarred!"

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Jarred Taylor prepared to board a C130 at an undisclosed location in Kuwait.
Returning To Iraq To Screen ‘Range 15’ Was One Of The Best Experiences Of My Life
Earlier this month, Jarred Taylor, an Iraq War veteran and president of Article 15 Clothing, joined Mat Best and Ranger Up's Nick Palmisciano on a USO Tour of the Middle East to screen their new film, "Range 15." This is his story.