Oliver Kendall

Oliver Kendall is a 2015 graduate of Macalester College, where he studied Political Science with a focus in International Security, including a semester abroad at the Department of War Studies at King's College London. At Macalester, he served for two years as preceptor in the Political Science department's Regional Conflict and Security course, and completed an honors thesis on medical diplomacy. He lives in Washington DC, where he interns with QGA Public Affairs after completing a summer internship at the Truman National Security Project.

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Sgt. Pietrzyk Bjoerm, a health care specialist with the 4-6 Military Transition Team, listens to a child's breathing during a medical operation in Baghdad's Ghazaliyah neighborhood.
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What The US Military Health System Can Learn From Cuba
The Military Health System is an untapped, soft-power resource that the United States would benefit from better employing.