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As smartphones get bigger and your wallet gets thicker, it’s getting pretty tough to fit everything into your pocket. The latest iPhones tout larger screens for even more capability — but trying to cram an ever-increasing phone and a full-size wallet into your pocket, backpack, or EDC setup poses a logistical challenge. You want these items to be easy to reach whenever you need them, but you also want to be comfortable throughout the day. Fortunately, a new kind of phone case is solving this common problem: an iPhone wallet case. Made just for iPhones and designed to blend your wallet and smartphone together into a single package, these streamlined cases allow you to carry more without adding bulk. Check out our picks for the best iPhone wallet cases and find the perfect fit for your needs right here.

The OT Onetop iPhone Wallet Case with Card Holder is our top pick for your phone because it’s an option that’s strong, capable, and highly secure. You can confidently rely on this case to hold your cards, cash, and ID as well as your smartphone without losing anything at all. Made out of premium polyurethane material, the case feels soft and supple in hand. It offers three card slots — two on the back of the case and one on the folio flap — that can hold cards as well as cash, and there are precise cutouts placed throughout the case so you can easily access your phone’s speakers, charging ports, and buttons. The folio flap of this iPhone case offers sturdy screen protection, and it even folds back to work as a stand so you can watch videos or scroll through photos hands-free. The real standout of this case is the strong magnet that secures your case and cards in place. It won’t pop open unexpectedly and delivers a consistent, strong hold.

If you’re sticking to a budget, you’re going to love what the Arae PU Leather Wallet iPhone Case offers. This affordable case will turn your smartphone into a compact and convenient wallet, giving you storage that’s built right into your phone’s exterior. And, it’ll even increase your phone and wallet functionality. Made out of TPU material, this case is designed to fit the new iPhone SE as well as the iPhone 7 and 8. It features folio-style coverage, with a wrist strap included for easy carrying (and to prevent accidental drops). The case is slim to minimize bulk, even when you’ve filled up the card slots, and it’s soft in your hand. There are four card slots, which are kept secure against your iPhone with a strong magnet closure. The wallet flap even does double duty; it can be folded back and used as a stand, too. Other small yet handy details, like a thumb hole that makes removing cards easier and cutouts for speakers and the microphone, make this case quite well-rounded.

If you’re looking for an iPhone wallet case that’s as sleek and attractive as it is durable and functional, the Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case for iPhone is the perfect fit. This impressive premium case is actually a flip-style case, one that’s a bit unlike any other. Its slim exterior looks like a traditional iPhone case, but little magnets at the side reveal a wallet with card slots that pull outwards. It packs everything you need into one compact package, with an easy-open clasp that allows you to access your cash and cards in just seconds. You can carry between three and six cards plus five to 10 cash bills at once. This wallet case also offers RFID theft protection, preventing scammers from scanning and stealing your card information. And when it comes to protection, this case features shock-absorbing flexible plastic that won’t crack, plus raised bezels around the screen edges for extra security.

With an ultra-slim profile and thin exterior, the Lupa iPhone Pro Wallet Case is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants their smartphone and wallet to combine into one easy-to-carry package. This case is made with faux leather and feels wonderful in hand; it’s soft and supple yet offers just the right balance of protection for your phone. It’s a folio-style case, with a front cover that buckles closed over your screen with a magnet. On the inside of the folio flap, there are slots that can hold up to three cards and a few cash bills. Even when you fill up all of the available wallet space, the slim structure of this case allows your phone to feel light and thin in your pocket. All corners of your phone are protected inside this case, and you’ll have easy, open access to all of your ports and buttons for total functionality. One cool feature of this phone case is its compatibility with wireless charging. You can leave the case on if you’re using a Magsafe charger, which makes recharging totally hassle-free.

The Spigen Slim Armor CS for iPhone is a wallet case that’s hard, tough, and ready for anything. This case will secure both your phone and wallet against harsh environments, rigorous wear and tear, and so much more. The highly durable case is constructed out of a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane materials. When you first glance at this case, you won’t believe it’s a wallet — the wallet component is actually hidden in the back of the case. Slide the case back to the side, and it’ll reveal a credit card-sized opening where you can stack and stash your ID, cards, and cash bills. Everything inside will be protected by the shock-absorbing interior and tough, hard exterior. Made with dual layers and Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology, your phone and your wallet can survive anything. You’ll also get total privacy, as no one will even know you’re carrying your credit cards right inside your phone’s case.

The Smartish iPhone Wallet Case will make your phone look its best — and it’ll also hold your most important cards, IDs, and more. Made out of lightweight TPU material, this case is smooth across its back and grippy along the sides to prevent slips and drops. Durable enough to survive common smartphone wear and tear, this case protects the rear of your phone and the front screen with its air pocket corners and a lay-flat screen guard design. You can fit up to three cards plus cash inside this wallet case without adding any bulk at all. Switching to this iPhone wallet case will streamline everything you carry with you, eliminating the need to haul around two separate items in your pocket, bag, or gear setup. There’s just one drawback to this sleek case: It doesn’t work with wireless or Magsafe chargers, so you’ll have to remove the case if you want to use a wireless charger of any kind.

The Ueebai Wallet Case for iPhone will take your smartphone and wallet and turn them both into a more stylish single accessory. This folio-style case is classic in every color — you can choose a rich leather-like brown for everyday use or opt for a brighter color for more personality. Soft to the touch, the faux leather TPU material offers gentle protection for your phone while providing easy access to your everyday essentials. Sized to fit the latest iPhone SE as well as iPhone 7 and 8 models, this case is designed with a soft interior for complete screen and body protection, with reinforced stitching to guard against wear and tear. A wrist strap allows you to carry your phone safely and lessen your risk of accidental drops or falls. And when it comes to the wallet itself, you’ll love the impressive capacity this case offers. Inside this iPhone wallet case’s folio cover, you’ll get five standard card slots, plus one ID slot and one cash slot. There’s even a zippered pocket so you can carry even more.

If you’re worried about damaging your phone, you need to get the Vena vCommute Wallet Case. This extra-tough iPhone case is shockproof, designed to survive absolutely anything from impacts to falls from great heights and so much more. Made out of a mix of materials that includes TPU, leather, and polycarbonate, this case features a patented design that offers you and your phone military-grade drop protection. It’s even built with innovative CornerGuard technology, which uses two layers of polycarbonate to cushion your phone enough to survive drops from four feet high. The wallet portion of this case is hidden, and it keeps your cards and cash out of sight for added safety. You can stash IDs, credit and debit cards, and cash inside the foldable leather flap. This wallet case is even compatible with magnetic car mounts. It features metal plates inside the front flap, so you can easily snap your phone and wallet right into place for hands-free use while you’re behind the wheel.

The Shieldon iPhone Wallet Case is just the right fit for anyone who’s looking for a combination of style and convenience. This genuine cowhide leather wallet case fits an array of different iPhones, and it offers a good balance of protection combined with exterior style. The leather case is soft to the touch and will take on wear nicely as you use your phone day in and day out. Inside the leather case, there are shockproof cushions built into the corners to hug your phone and protect its exterior against bumps and drops. A raised edge around the camera also offers protection against scratches and dirt on this delicate component. The wallet portion of the case offers a hidden magnetic closure that ensures your ID, credit and debit cards, and cash all stay safely in place inside. An added bonus is the RFID-blocking security, which shields your most important information from being picked up by unauthorized scanning devices.

RFID-blocking phone cases aren’t always the coolest or the most convenient, but the Ocase iPhone Wallet Case offers the protection you need without sacrificing your smartphone’s style. This flip-front folio-style case combines your phone and wallet into one, and it’s equipped with RFID-shielding technology to protect all of the information on the cards you’re carrying. Made out of polyurethane material, this case is durable and scratch-resistant, and it features raised edges and cushioning in all the right places for added protection against damage. Inside the front flap of the case, you’ll find three card slots that can carry some cards and cash without increasing bulk. Just keep in mind that this folio case only closes with a light magnet and strap, so you don’t want to overstuff the wallet; otherwise, you might have trouble keeping it closed. This case is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that it’ll deliver all of the benefits and functionality — plus protection for your phone and information — or you can get a replacement.

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Types of iPhone wallet cases

iPhone cases come in many styles, materials, and shapes – and so do wallet-style cases. There are a ton of options available to choose from, and there’s truly something for every kind of iPhone user. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and slim or something larger and more akin to a full-size wallet, it’s all possible. You can learn more about some of the most common types of iPhone wallet cases here. 

Slim iPhone wallet cases

Slim iPhone wallet cases are the most streamlined and pocket-friendly option available. These cases aim to reduce the overall size of your phone in its case, keeping it as close to your iPhone’s original size as possible. So, these cases typically feature a few card and cash slots, which are often placed at the back of the case. 

The one downside to a slim case is that your cards are typically a bit exposed. Because this kind of case tends to put your cards on the back of your phone, they can be left a little open to the world at large. While they’re pretty secure, this can be a disadvantage to some.

Folio iPhone wallet cases

Folio iPhone wallet cases are larger and a bit bulkier. They wrap your entire phone in protection, covering it from back to front edges. This kind of wallet case features a folio, or a flap, that folds over your iPhone’s screen and covers it. On the interior side of this flap is the wallet — it includes card and cash slots. These types of cases often also include small zippered pockets to hold change or other very small items.

Folio wallet cases offer more of a full-size and traditional wallet that’s attached to your iPhone. However, they can be bulky and tricky to fit in some pockets. These cases also require you to physically open them in order to use your phone, which some might find to be a drawback.

Stick-on iPhone wallet cases

Stick-on iPhone wallet cases are a kind of quick and easy case solution. In fact, they aren’t really even full cases in the traditional sense. This kind of iPhone wallet doesn’t cover the entire back and sides of your phone; instead, it’s a slim piece of plastic, polyurethane, or leather that sticks right onto the backside of your phone. It includes card slots so you can slide in cash or cards and carry them right on your iPhone.

Because stick-on wallet cases aren’t anything like a traditional case, they can’t protect your phone if you drop it. These little wallets can, however, be stuck onto some cases, allowing you to combine protection with convenience. 

What to consider when buying an iPhone wallet case

As you check out different iPhone wallet cases in the process of trying to decide which is the best fit for you, it’s important to think about both the available space and the amount of protection you’re getting from a particular case.

Many iPhone wallet cases are limited in their actual wallet space — and that means they can’t be as functional or as convenient as you expected. Make sure to look at both how many card slots are available and if you can easily store cash, change, and other wallet-friendly items. Plenty of cases only include two to three card slots; to get more space, you’ll want to look for options that have three or more slots.

Additionally, protection is key in any case you buy for your smartphone. Wallet cases can vary widely in the amount of protection they offer. Folio-style cases, for example, cover the back, sides, and front screen for all-around coverage. Stick-on wallets, however, don’t offer any protection at all. If you’re prone to dropping your phone, more coverage is better.

Why do you need an iPhone wallet case?

If you’re tired of carrying two separate items in your pocket, it’s time to upgrade to an iPhone wallet case. One of these handy cases with a wallet’s card slots built right in offers convenience, better flexibility, and so many more advantages. Above all else, though, a wallet case combines your two most important everyday accessories into one item. And that means you’re way less likely to leave your phone or your wallet behind when you’re headed out the door. 

Another huge advantage of choosing and using an iPhone wallet case is streamlining what you’re carrying. Instead of fighting to find one place for your wallet and one place for your phone, you can carry them together in the very same package. You’ll always know your two most critical accessories are safe and stashed together. 

Placing your iPhone inside a wallet case can offer also benefits like:

  • Giving your phone all of the traditional drop, scratch, and impact protection of a basic case without limiting your phone’s functionality
  • One convenient and easily accessible place to store your ID, credit cards, and more
  • A simple way to carry multiple everyday items in one package so nothing gets lost or separated

Pricing ranges for iPhone wallet cases

  • $15 or less: Plenty of iPhone wallet cases are priced at less than $15 — meaning it’s easy to find a quality solution that fits within your budget. Most of these cases feature PU material and a limited number of card slots.
  • $15 to $25: You’ll find a wide selection of case choices priced between $15 and $25. This price range covers tons of options and styles, from folios to slim cases and more. 
  • $25 to $50: The most premium iPhone wallet cases will fall within the $25 to $50 price range. These cases are made from high-quality materials, tend to offer the highest level of protection, and can provide more features and functionality than other basic case options.

How we chose our top picks

We came up with our top product picks and narrowed down our list of the best iPhone wallet cases by researching the cases that were the most highly rated and well-reviewed on Amazon. We took ratings and users’ real-life reviews into consideration when choosing the products to highlight here.

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