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Concealed carry has increasingly become a major focus in many parts of the tactical gear industry. There’s large market for holsters, belts, magazine pouches, and others items built for the context of everyday carry. One niche that has seen many new products is off-body carry: bags or packs that are designed to conceal a firearm. Tactical Tailor, know for its military-oriented nylon gear, has entered the concealed-carry area with the aptly named Concealed Carry Sling Bag. While its design is focused on the off-body concept, the bag has plenty to offer those with or without firearms to carry.

Like all Tactical Tailor products, the sling bag is sewn in the United States from U.S.-sourced materials; in this case, a mix of 500 and 1000 Denier Cordura nylon. The bag has two main compartments, each with dual zippers, plus a third concealed pocket, with around 775 cubic inches of storage space. To help evoke the profile of civilian hiking gear and messenger bags, there’s a distinct lack of PALS webbing on the sling bag, other than a single row of loops to store items externally or attach shock cord. An overly tactical or military look can draw too much attention, something not particularly helpful for a concealed-carry bag. The sling bag’s color options reflect this with plenty of non-“tacticool” colors available, though Ranger Green and Coyote are still there for those dead set on matching their loadouts.

The sling bag’s concealment capabilities come from the hidden compartment stashed inside the bag’s back padding. Lined with loop velcro and accessible from either side via flat-paracord zipper pulls, this is where you can discreetly mount your firearm. Included with the bag is a minimalist velcro holster. It’s adjustable for most service-size handguns, and can accommodate pistols with mounted lights as well. A loop of stretch velcro provides a space for a spare magazine. It’s not the most secure in terms of retention, but for an accessory designed to be versatile, it’s well made.

For those wanting more retention and protection for whatever pistol they chose, it would be simple to modify something like a kydex-molded holster to mount via velcro. Tactical Tailor also includes a velcro “admin” panel that can store more reloads or stash personal items.

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A concealed firearm isn't effective if you can’t get out of the bag quickly. The sling bag’s strap setup enables quick access. The padded sling strap connects with a support strap to keep the bag stable. Pop the support buckle, swing the bag, and you have easy access to all three compartments while the bag sits on your chest. The ample mesh padding keeps the bag comfortable while you’re carrying a handgun, vital for everyday concealed carry. With the bag front, you can even use as a kind of ad hoc chest rig. All three compartments feature some loop velcro, allowing you to mount plenty of pouches for mags, first aid, and other gear. With the right configuration, the Sling Bag could work well as a go bag.

While well suited to the off-body carry concept, the sling bag has appeal for those not carrying a firearm. There’s a surprising bit of storage capacity in the sling bag; the main compartment will fit laptops with 11-inch displays plus accessories with room for a light jacket or hoodie. The admin pouch is great for organization, and of course velcro provides many further options of managing everyday carry items. The bag is perfect for office or messenger style bag, or for those who want to carry a little extra gear while on the running trail or the bike path.

The bag retails for $145.75 direct from Tactical Tailor and is also available in a backpack version.