Are you a creative thinker? Many people might say no off-hand, or agree with an unequivocal yes, but being able to think creatively isn’t all about having your head in the clouds. What creative thinking is really about is being able to think about real world situations and problems in unique ways – and if you can do this, a potential employer is sure to give you a second glance.

So how do you show that you can think creatively? First ditch the obvious interview answers. Calling yourself a “jack of all trades” or saying you can handle any situation that gets thrown at you doesn’t make you look confident – it makes you look like you couldn’t come up with a better answer.

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Do, though, think of real situations that apply to interview questions. Or, if you don’t have one that applies, think of a hypothetical. Both methods of answering a question show that you can explore alternative solutions – something the interviewer is sure to love.

You should also remember to avoid saying “I don’t know”, or “I’m not sure”. A lot of people do this because they’re worried about giving the wrong answer, but potential employers may much rather see your best effort than to have you refuse to answer the question at all.

So keep an open mind and let your own work ethic and personality shine through with every interview.