Here’s the 15th entry in our contest about finding meaningful pursuits post-military. Only a few more to go.

Dwight Roberson: “My primary occupation is in the federal government as a civil servant, so in a way that keeps me in the fold, but one that may not connect with most who have found work elsewhere outside government employment. What really has helped was volunteerism.

When my two sons were of age I was an Assistant Scoutmaster, and after that a full Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts. With it brought structure, a purpose, and a sense of higher calling. After that, I volunteered on one of my church's committees, and currently work as a hunter safety instructor for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The connecting tissue in all this is service to something bigger than one's self.

Giving back to your community/state/nation is one way to serve as the back gets older and the hair gets grayer (or in my case, thinner), and to pass on to the next generation what it means to serve and be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

After The Military, I Found Meaning In Volunteering — Not In My Job