Like any ship, building, ground vehicle or aircraft, corporate America needs individuals schooled in the art and science of maintenance. This week, Hirepurpose highlights five military-friendly companies that have openings across the country well-suited for veterans who underwent electrical mechanical or facilities maintenance training while in the service. Individuals of all ranks who are skilled in the areas of aircraft maintenance, machining, civil engineering, construction or transportation will definitely want to check these jobs out.


Alcoa, a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing, has many maintenance positions available in various locations. This dynamic company is the third-largest producer of aluminum in the world and is extremely dedicated to furthering veteran job readiness by recruiting, hiring and training former service members. It also supports many military causes through its charitable foundation and mentoring programs.

Former enlisted members or officers who possess both leadership and technical maintenance skills are in high demand to fill critical roles such as maintenance supervisor, maintenance crew leader, maintenance tech, industrial maintenance electrician, and more. Those individuals who served in military occupational specialties that sharply focused on highly detailed mechanical work, equipment maintenance, electronics repair or machining will feel right at home here.

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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is one of the largest and most brand-recognized manufacturers of household foods and snacks in North America. The organization is known for its military-friendly environment and is diligently searching for more veterans to add to their growing maintenance team. In 2015, Military Times named the company a “Best for Vets” employer.

Its open maintenance positions require skilled individuals who are mechanically inclined and who also have maintenance management experience, a familiarity with large equipment, a knack for troubleshooting, the ability to effectively communicate within a team, and strong leadership skills.

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Exelon is a multi-state nuclear and conventional power production company where veterans are highly valued for their leadership, teamwork, integrity, and commitment to excellence. As a member of the 100,000 Jobs Coalition Mission, Exelon is actively seeking former and transitioning military members to fill a wide range of nuclear maintenance, general facilities or equipment maintenance and training positions. These technical jobs range from management to entry-level and require people who are concerned with safety, accuracy, and teamwork. A familiarity with nuclear equipment and controls is required for many, but not all of the positions available. Those veterans with nuclear energy training, maintenance management experience and mechanics skills will certainly want to explore the opportunities that Exelon has to offer.

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Veterans who know their way around vehicles, facilities, or heavy equipment would be well matched to these exciting maintenance roles that are available with Sysco. This forward-moving company maintains a large vehicle fleet and distribution network to provide food and related products to institutions and restaurants all over North America. With a deep commitment to veterans and their families, Sysco actively hires and recruits former service members of all ranks to work in its facilities that are located across the country. Job openings right now include facilities maintenance supervisor, fleet and facility maintenance director, fleet mechanic, maintenance utility technician, forklift mechanic, delivery driver, and more. Those who worked in military occupational specialties such as vehicular maintenance specialist, light or heavy wheel vehicle mechanic, wheel vehicle repairer, automotive maintenance technician, construction equipment repairer, or mechanical maintenance supervisor will find their skills directly transferable to the jobs Sysco has to offer.

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RR Donnelly

RR Donnelly, one of the country's oldest and largest printing, communications and logistics firms, is hiring military veterans to become a part of their maintenance group. The company is well-known for its support of military personnel and has been awarded the flag of freedom for its continued efforts to link veterans with job opportunities. Ideal candidates for its current maintenance openings will have experience installing, troubleshooting, repairing, overhauling, aligning, testing, and maintaining complex electrical equipment and machinery. Those with general maintenance and construction expertise are also needed to maintain facilities across the country.

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