Long March Comment Of The Week: Do Cops Police Themselves Like The Military?

From Peter Watanabe, a comment on the issue of some of today’s recent vets disliking cops:

“31 year old Marine vet. It’s not necessarily about training for me; maybe some deparments don’t train but I know others do. For me it’s about lack of, or perceived lack of accountability. It seems like nation-wide, cops protect individual cops, even those that fuck up. 

“That’s the opposite of how the Corps brought me up. If you’ve got a member of your taxpayer funded organization who discredits or erodes the public trust in that organization, you need to show that that individual is being dealt with and doesn’t represent the institution. Cut that fucker loose before he or she harms the organization. It’s about the organization, not the individual. Why you would protect someone who would jeopardize that, I can’t understand. And hey, maybe that’s not even how police operate. Maybe it’s NOT just a good ol’ boy network, but they sure aren’t, nation-wide, making much effort to dispel that perception.”