How to entrepreneur like a veteran

Whether it's farming and selling hemp or launching an eLearning software company, veterans usually outperform their civilian counterparts in the realm of small business. A lot of entrepreneurs have the proper education and credentials, but the success of a startup often hinges on the well-rounded qualities that one often builds through military service. Here are some of the skill sets and traits that set veterans apart when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Warrior training is one of several fitness classes offered by Marine Corps Community Services Semper Fit for Marines and Status of Forces Agreement Personnel on Okinawa. The goal of each class is to teach service members ways to stay healthy, physically fit and reach personal physical fitness goals.

Here’s why you packed on the pounds after the military

It’s finally happened: You’re out of the military. Nobody’s going to tell you what to do, or what to eat. You’re going to savor every unrestricted bite. Somehow, though, your pants don’t fit like they used to. You feel more tired, and you’re drowning in stuff you never had to think about before. You know what your body was capable of during your service, so what happened?