Founded by veterans, VET Tv is a media company that puts service members at the center of every story we create, celebrate and discover. We tell stories we love–from big to small, funny to complex–all shining a light on where veterans are now and helping them forge a new path forward while improving mental health. The organization is a U.S.-based, over-the-top media service and production company that specializes in creating, producing, and distributing film and television series whose primary audience is the military community.

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Check out the Top 10 Best Series on VET Tv

1. A Grunt’s Life

a grunt's life VET Tv

The savage life of a platoon on a patrol base in the Helmand Province in 2008.

2. Devil Docs

devil docs show

A Greenside Corpsman on Camp Pendleton navigates a world of Marines and jerks to earn her FMF pin.

3. Let’s Talk About The War

let's talk about the war

A docuseries that explores a warfighter’s mental toll after 20 years of combat.

4. Recruiters Mission First

recruiters VET Tv

A straight-laced Marine Corps Staff Sergeant is thrust into the shameless world of recruiting.

5. The Shop

the shop VET Tv

Set in an Army Admin Office, follow the hilarious shenanigans of what it means to be in the rear, with the gear. 

6. Checkpoint Charlie

checkpoint charlie

Military Police at Fort Stewart defend the gate with hilarious authority.

7. V for Valor

v for valor VET Tv

An officer discovers combat footage contradicts the story of a bronze star being awarded.

8. Kill, Die, Laugh

VET Tv kill die laugh

Sketch comedy making light of the usually serious things that happen in the military.

9. Mental Hell and Wellness

VET Tv mental health and wellness

A series that helps veterans understand their mind in order to live a life they don’t want to end.

10. Fire for Effect

VET Tv fire for effect

Underground comedians serve up comedy that would get them canceled anywhere else.