kristin beck

Chief Kristin Beck (Ret.)

Chief Kristin Beck (ret.) had a distinguished 20-year career of exceptionally meritorious service with Special Operations Forces in the SEAL teams, conducting hundreds of special operations missions with small UAVs, HUMINT, and Direct Action captures and assaults in thirteen deployments. Her final tours were with Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) to head the Special Reconnaissance units and various Task Force assignments as a HUMINT source handler and technical operations director. During a final tour in 2009, Chief was requested by name to be the advisor to SOCOM’s Science Director, Mr. William Shepherd (SEAL/ Astronaut). Chief became an integral part of SOF technology and advancements while serving in this capacity. Frequent visits to Congress, White House and Pentagon saw Chief Beck become a fixture and constant consultant on various classified projects. As a result of these outstanding achievements, the coveted NDIA 2010 Special Operations Award was bestowed on an empty chair as the Chief was deployed to Afghanistan on a final tour. Retirement in 2011 saw a transition from SEALs to the Pentagon as a subject matter expert and technology integrator. The days in the Pentagon ended in 2013 with the transition from Chris to Kristin. Many people don’t understand this phase of life for the Chief, but the SEAL and the caveman everyone knew is still at full speed and ready to shoot and loot like the old days. “You can change the wallpaper, but the house is always the same. My mind and ability are still here.” -Chief Beck