Todd Brogowski

Todd Brogowski


Todd Brogowski is freelance writer and photographer that has been working with Task & Purpose since 2021.  He covers outdoor and tactical gear.  Todd has been in journalism in one form or another since 2000.  


  • Expertise and Interests: outdoors, particularly wilderness survival and bushcraft, backpacking, and outdoor photography; law; professional ethics; white collar crime; 
  • Certifications: Google Digital Ad Sales; Cornell Digital Marketing Management; Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE); Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP)
  • Other Publication Experience: Crime Beat Reporter, World Journal (CO and NM); Ethics and Family Law, New Jersey Lawyer; Associate Editor, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics.


I started my career as an attorney in New Jersey, where I focused on criminal and family law. During my practice, I wrote three editions of the New Jersey Family Law Digest, a textbook used by lawyers for continuing legal education in the New Jersey State Bar Association. I also wrote for the New Jersey Lawyer on issues related to family law. After 9/11, when I lost friends in the World Trade Center, I felt that I needed to do something to give back. I enlisted in the US Army as a human intelligence collector (interrogator/undercover source operations). The Joint Special Operations Command selected me for a unit that focused on identifying, finding, and capturing/killing high value targets in ISIS, al Qaida, and other terrorist organizations.

After my time in the US Army, I became a workplace violence prevention focal and corporate investigator for the Boeing Company. After four years, in 2017, I started my own company focused on creating marketing content for small to mid-sized businesses. I have been doing that ever since, along with my work for local and national publications. From 2017 to 2019, I volunteered to be a public information officer and digital marketing manager for Team Rubicon. I appeared at multi-agency press conferences for the 2017 Spring Creek Fire in Colorado and the 2018 Okanogan Flood in Washington. In 2020, I won the New Mexico Press Award for my coverage of how a construction worker was electrocuted to death due to criminally lax safety protocols. My wife and I live on a small farm in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the border of New Mexico and Colorado, where we are grossly outnumbered by chickens and dogs.


I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a focus on Cognitive Science, from Boston College, and a doctorate in law from Georgetown University.

Fun Fact/Tip/Anecdote/Favorite Product

When I’m not working, I’m typically spending my time either photographing in the outdoors, particularly in ghost towns and abandoned buildings, or trout fishing. As a result, I’m probably one of a few people that can say I’ve broken into a prison (twice, but they were both no longer in use). While bushcraft is all about surviving without a lot of equipment, my favorite outdoor product – the one I wouldn’t get caught without – is the Aeropress coffee maker. It’s all in the grinds. Can’t be too fine, can’t be too coarse.

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