Christmas can be many things for many different people. For some, it’s a celebration, a chance to reflect on the past year and share holiday cheer and joy with family and friends and a moment to forge new memories to pass on for years to come in a global tradition-industrial complex that rivals anything Gen. Eisenhower ever warned about. 

For many U.S. service members deployed to combat zones overseas, however, it is usually a bit less angelic than friends and family back home probably imagine: more often than not, Christmas is a great opportunity to raid the DFAC for semi-frozen pecan pie, shoot the shit with brothers-in-arms, and, if you’re lucky, not have to sprint to the IDF shelter when you manage to actually call home.

This holiday season at Task & Purpose, we want to hear from you, our readers, about what it’s really like to spend Christmas in a combat zone. From the boring and mundane to the extremely high-speed, we want to share your stories and paint a picture of what holiday cheer really means when all you have is your rifle and your friends together downrange.

Send your stories to with ‘Christmas in combat’ in the subject line, share them in the comments section below, or share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll republish the best ones closer to Christmas.