Marine sticks his hand in fire ant hill, because Marines gonna Marine

The average person may not picture an ant as a Marine’s ultimate challenger, but one Marine chose fire ants as a means to test his pain response — or so it seems. 
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Marine sticking his hand in a fire ant hill.
One potentially junior Marine decided to test his pain response via intentionally shoving his hand into a fire ant hill. (Screen shot of Reddit posted video. Task & Purpose composite image.)

Initial training for anyone in any branch of service can have dull moments. What better way to spice up your day than to stick your hand directly into a fire ant hill? A video posted to the Reddit thread r/USMC by moderator “newnoadeptness,” shows one Marine proving his masculinity by shoving his hand into a fire ant hill

Kyle Gunn, Task & Purpose’s social media director and resident Marine, said, “He looks like a private, so this is probably at a schoolhouse. If I had to guess, I’d say these are Motor-T mechanic students at Camp Johnson right outside Lejeune.”

Would legendary Marine Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller be proud? Who knows. 

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Here’s the deal: female worker ants have stingers packed with a poison that causes a burning sensation, a large welt, and potentially a postulate that isn’t very attractive. Worst case scenario, your body recognizes the poison as a more severe threat, and you develop an anaphylactic reaction, compromising your airway if not promptly treated.

We can’t say who won in the duel between the ants and the Marine, but his technique to withstand the pain inflicted by the stings is impressive. He slaps his thigh with his free hand as the ants swarm the hand he placed into the ant hill while other Marines watch. 

The one Marine wearing a Camelbak is a hint this group of young Marines are still in their early phases of training. Based on the brick building in the background, it could indicate it’s on the east coast, possibly Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. 

Wherever this video was captured, that Marine can confidently say he has mastered his pain response and we think Chesty would be proud. 

CORRECTION: 6/14/2024; A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Chesty Puller’s rank as Brigadier Gen. and has been corrected to reflect his proper rank of Lt. Gen.

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