Among the most hallowed battles in Marine Corps history is the name of a city just 40 miles outside Baghdad: Fallujah.

As the internet jokes and laughs and fights about the Marine Corps birthday today, take some time to watch a video released by the Corps this week that looks back on the 2004 fighting, widely viewed as the most violent and bloodiest campaign of the Iraq War and the harshest conditions of urban combat faced by Marines since the City of Hue in Vietnam.

The film is called “The Right Heroes.”

More than 10,000 Marines took part in Operation Phantom Fury which launched on the night of Nov. 7, 2004. Among them was Lance Cpl. John Dugan, Jorge Jerez, and Daniel Sloniker, all assigned to 1st Battalion, 3d Marines. Each one of them tells their story throughout the film.

Almost 100 Marines died fighting in the six weeks it took to retake Fallujah, with over 500 more injured.

Watch the video to find out more:

Iraq photo

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