• The Navy deep-sixed the skipper of the attack submarine USS Montpelier after confidence was lost. Investigation of some aspect of his behavior is underway.
  • Marine logisticians at Camp Pendleton, Calif., got charged with a variety of offenses.
  • The commander and the senior enlisted guy in a Navy SEAL unit in Africa were relieved over sexual misconduct. This move was telegraphed a few months ago.
  • Former Marine Col. Todd “Rhino” Tomko, who was court-martialed in 2016 for abusive sexual conduct, obstruction of justice, and (later) showing up drunk at his arraignment, appeared in court this week on felony charges of sexual abuse of children. I was wrong about this guy when I wrote about him several years ago. So was General John Kelly when he testified at the court-martial that Tomko was a “superb Marine officer.”
  • But the colonel commanding the Army’s medical center in Landstuhl, Germany, was cleared by an investigation that looked into allegations of mismanagement
This Week In Reliefs, Firings, Suspensions, And Other Military Mischief