U.S. Marines assigned to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Central Command 20.2, prepare to load onto a MV-22B Osprey during an Evacuation Control Center training exercise in Kuwait, May 26, 2020

3 reasons you need to clean your magazine right now

Dirty magazines... when we say dirty magazines, we know you’re thinking of the ones your buddy snuck in a care package and sent you downrange. Sure, that may have put you in a little bit of trouble, but let’s be honest: your First Sergeant would be secretly thanking you for the centerfolds if he confiscated it. No, we’re talking about a different dirty magazine that could get you in trouble. Real trouble.


Here’s what you need to know about CBD

There are a lot of preconceptions about CBD, not to mention what the rules, regulations, and state and federal laws are for military members, veterans, and their families. Products that were not allowed in base housing or for active duty members might be perfectly legal for veterans and spouses, depending on where they live. They might be federally legal, but not legal in the state or municipality where one resides.