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M1014 Marine shotgun is more Italian than Italy

M1014 Marine shotgun is more Italian than Italy

In 1999, the Marine Corps felt they needed a shotgun, and Italian gun manufacturer Bellini answered the call and produced the M1014. In this video we’ll find out about what made this shotgun revolutionary at the time of its creation and how it has performed down range in modern conflicts.


What makes a military watch a military watch?

If anyone knows the importance of time, it’s a military service member. Formations, meetings, training events, combat synchronization — our life is literally controlled by the clock


Your PPE buying guide for the range

If you’ve ever fired a weapon, you've probably had someone give you a safety brief that mentioned “eyes and ears.” Those are the typical things to protect when you’re shooting. But recent studies have shown that list should also include your lungs due to the risk of lead exposure at the range

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This ammo box offers heavy-duty stackable storage — and it's currently half off

The MTM ACR4-18 Ammo Crate utility box is a hefty vehicle for hauling not just ammo, but all kinds of gear


Your guide to choosing the weapon above your paygrade

Believe it or not, National Opinion Research Center survey data shows that gun ownership is actually declining among late-teens and people in their early –20's, the demographic most military recruits are now pulled from. This has resulted in a large number of people entering military service with little to no experience handling firearms.