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Old-school cigar shops feel like stepping into another time. Being surrounded by dark-stained hardwood and leather batwing chairs can make us all feel more like James Bond than our chain-smoking uncle. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that experience at home? Imagine ushering your guests into a walk-in humidor filled with exotic cigars from around the world. Sure, that would be great, but it’s pretty unrealistic. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a scaled-down version of that experience by popping the lid on your own personal humidor. If you enjoy a cigar every now and then, treat it right and keep it fresh. Otherwise, you might as well be puffing on a flavored smoke from the gas station.

Upgrade your special occasion stogies with a cigar humidor from our collection of favorites.

When you’re ready to commit to your cigar collection, go big with this electric humidor from Audew. While other humidors take a passive approach to climate control, this one actively maintains humidity and temperature settings you can control. Spanish cedar shelves stabilize humidity, a water tray provides moisture, and an electric fan circulates air for even distribution. By cycling air inside the humidor, the fan prevents moist air from settling on the bottom. Outside air is added as needed automatically, so your cigars are constantly treated to ideal conditions. Shelves can be positioned where you want them and accommodate up to 150 cigars. Double-paned glass lets you admire your collection without reducing the efficiency of the humidor’s cooling system. Granted, it will cost you a pretty penny; but if you have a sizeable collection this is the way to take care of it.

If you like the size and price of a humidor jar but prefer to keep your cigars out of sight, this humidor from Scotte might be for you. The body of this humidor is built from cedar to create a happy home for your cigars. The exterior is wrapped in black leather for a tasteful, understated look. A hygrometer mounted in the lid lets you check on its humidity level at a glance. The lid closes snugly but, since there isn’t an air-tight seal like you’d find on other humidors, this is really an option for regular smokers. With a capacity of 12-16 cigars, there’s a good chance you’ll burn through them before that becomes an issue, though.

Cigars make excellent adventure buddies, and this travel humidor from Fess is the best way to safely bring them along by land or sea. A built-in humidor grille provides short-term protection against excessive or inadequate humidity, although there isn’t a hygrometer to check exact levels. The foam interior cushions up to 30 cigars during travel, and the hard plastic exterior protects against impacts. The case even floats, and a waterproof seal keeps moisture and dust from entering the closed case in harsh environments. The minimalist design and utilitarian exterior don’t lend themselves to home display, but this case is our choice for celebrating a day in the field.

This glass-topped humidor from Case Elegance combines tried and true features with modern technology to provide tons of value. Its wood body and glass top provide a touch of class. Magnets embedded in the lid maintain a tight seal. The Spanish cedar shelf provides an optimal place for your cigars to be stored with just the right amount of air flow. Humidity is regulated to stay between 65 and 70 percent, and a digital display lets you keep tabs on the exact reading at any time. Beneath the main compartment is a drawer fo your cigar cutter, matches, and other essentials. This modern take on a classic design is a fantastic place to keep 25-50 cigars ready for a special occasion.

At the affordable end of the spectrum, the Xifei humidor jar proves that you don’t have to break the bank to care for your cigars. The acrylic jar is less fragile than glass–a feature that comes in handy when poker night turns rowdy. It’s also a way to display your cigars without ruining them. The lid presses shut for an air-tight seal, and houses a built-in hygrometer to display the current humidity. Control conditions inside the jar with a cedar insert and a simple, drop-in humidifier. This option can hold 15-20 cigars. Due to the size and style of humidifier, this option works best when cigars are cycled through on a regular basis. It might not be the place for storing heirloom cigars, but it’s a perfect way to stock up for a big weekend or special event.

When you need a humidor that flies under the radar and keeps your cigars at their best, the Megacra humidor delivers. This understated humidor is wrapped in your choice of black or brown leather with no glass. The kiln-dried Spanish cedar body and lid close tightly with embedded magnets. Inside, there’s enough room for up to 20 cigars. A hygrometer and humidifier work together to keep and display ideal humidity inside the case. Both attach to the inside of the lid magnetically. To get the best results, season this humidor with the provided humidifier by following the manufacturer’s instructions. We like the size and features of this humidor, and there are larger versions available if you need extra space.

Types of cigar humidors

Cigar humidors can be categorized by their size and capabilities. On the small end of the spectrum are pocket-sized humidors that are basically a way to carry a few cigars during a night out. They lack any way to regulate humidity and temperature and, without a good seal, they can only delay deterioration for a short time. Midsize humidors have some combination of temperature and humidity control. These are what you see displayed on shelves and coffee tables. At the very top of the range are walk-in humidors, which you’re unlikely to find outside of a cigar shop due to their price and complexity.

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Key features of cigar humidors

  • Size: Humidors can accommodate anywhere from a handful of cigars to a lifetime collection. Which one you choose will depend on how many cigars you want to keep on hand, and how much you want to spend.
  • Price: You can get basic protection for your cigars for just $20. At that price, you’ll be getting a simple case that maintains humidity for a relatively short period of time. High-end humidors that don’t involve a carpenter will run you about $200. There are also plenty of options in between those two.
  • Capability: Cigars basically need two things to be stored safely: proper temperature and humidity. Some humidors manage both, some focus solely on humidity, and they can use different methods of achieving the desired results.
  • Portability: Are you looking for an at-home humidor or something that can travel? As you’d expect, going down in size means sacrificing some capability but that’s not a problem since it’s a temporary fix. If your collection isn’t going to leave the living room, you’re better off investing in something with long-term performance.

Benefits of cigar humidors

Cigars are a small taste of luxury, and they pair well with good friends and a nice glass of scotch. What isn’t luxurious is frantically running to the store before they close. Worse yet, you could open your cigars to find them dry as leaves or stale as yesterday’s coffee grounds. A good humidor will manage humidity to keep cigars in their sweet spot, roughly between 65 and 70 percent humidity. The temperature should be held steady at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidors go about accomplishing this in different ways and with varying levels of sophistication, so you’ll want to make sure you know how to properly use whichever one you pick.

Cigar humidor pricing

Since you’ve presumably ruled out remodeling your closet into a walk-in humidor, you have a few options. Small, entry-level humidors can be found for as little as $20. These have predictably limited capabilities, but they’re perfect for keeping a batch of cigars fresh during a holiday weekend. At around $100, humidors will start to use better materials and more advanced features to extend the life of your collection. Beyond $200, you can expect more control over temperature and humidity to keep cigars fresh for longer periods of time. It’s fine if you can’t justify the high-end options, that just means you have to smoke your cigars more frequently. That’s what they’re for, isn’t it?

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