Stay connected with these 5 solar phone chargers

Keep your electronics charged with the power of the sun itself.

Best Overall

GoerTek solar bank

GoerTek solar bank

Best Value

Blavor solar phone charger

Blavor solar phone charger

Honorable Mention

BigBlue foldable solar phone charger

BigBlue foldable solar phone charger

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Thanks to cell phones, we can now walk around with the cumulative knowledge of humanity in the palm of our hand. The problem is that, once you venture out from the world of wall outlets and 12-volt car outlets, our phones have a very limited lifespan. If you plan on camping, hiking, or doing serious off-grid travel, stopping to charge your phone may not be an option. To keep all those apps, maps, and your camera handy, you’d better pick up a solar charger. These handy devices take up very little room, and can keep your phone and other devices charged anywhere there’s sunlight.   

Take a look at our list of go-to solar phone chargers and keep those electronics charged with the power of the sun itself. 

GoerTek solar bank

Blavor solar phone charger

BigBlue foldable solar panel


Hiluckey solar bank

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Types of solar phone chargers

There are plenty of quality solar phone chargers on the market, and the primary differences are in charging speed, battery capacity, and extra features. To get the fastest charging speed, look for options with a fold-out solar array rather than a single panel. Internal batteries let you store energy on the go, while some require your device to be plugged in while the charger has exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in mind that some options can also be plugged in for fast charging when a wall or car outlet is available. Added value can be found in options that include things like battery level indicators, waterproof housings, and built-in flashlights.

Key features of solar phone chargers

  • Charging power: Do you need to charge a single phone or multiple devices? The more energy you need, the higher on the power spectrum you’ll need to shop. Compact options are great for maintaining small devices that aren’t in constant use, while the largest options can power multiple devices for extended use.
  • Storage capacity: Most cell phone chargers feature an integrated battery backup. Results may vary, though, so pay attention to how much energy each battery holds to make sure you don’t run out unexpectedly.
  • Portability: Solar phone chargers with multiple panels fold up to make them easier to carry. Still, there is a difference between those built to be compact and those built to generate power as quickly as possible. 
  • Ports: You can find solar phone chargers with multiple styles and quantities of ports to charge different devices. Plan ahead if you want to charge multiple devices, and remember that every additional device you plug in can reduce charging speed.
  • Perks: If you’re looking for added value, take advantage of solar phone chargers with things like a flashlight, battery level meter, or compass.

Benefits of solar phone chargers

Having renewable power on the go is a game-changer. Backup batteries extend device usage significantly, but solar options let you continue to acquire electricity as long as you have sunlight. Even in the most remote conditions, you can charge things like your phone, GoPro, and GPS all day for sustainable use. Solar phone chargers can also prove invaluable during emergency situations. When help may not arrive for hours or days, it’s reassuring to know that your connection to the outside world doesn’t depend on electrical infrastructure or your car’s battery.   

Solar phone charger pricing

Solar phone chargers are very affordable. Entry-level options can be found for less than $35 and keep you charged up on the move. For about $45, you’ll buy into decreased charging times, enhanced battery capacity, and a range of bonus features. The most powerful portable solar chargers will only run you a little more than $50. These premium items prioritize charging speed and power output, but do not have a backup battery. They should be used to charge your devices directly in real time. They’re also larger than many alternatives, so it’s important to think about how you plan to use your solar phone charger and pick one that meets your individual needs.

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